A man avoided being scammed thanks to the original anime Great Pretender

A man avoided being scammed thanks to the original anime Great Pretender

Through Reddit, a user narrated an experience where he mentioned how he managed to avoid being scammed thanks to what he learned through the original Wit Studio anime, Great Pretender. The story began:

“Yesterday someone rang my apartment doorbell saying he worked for the gas company, and said they were doing their annual check for leaks. I let the man in and he begins to scan the gas pipe with a detector, focusing on one point and setting off some kind of alarm. In the first episode of Great Pretender, we see a similar event occur. The main character and his partner try to do something similar, but it would be rude of me if I tell you how it ended "

A man avoided being scammed thanks to the original anime Great Pretender

“The guy claimed that something was wrong and that they need to change a component of the pipe, which would cost between 60 and 120 dollars in cash to change it. With that I immediately thought in that first episode, it was the exact same scam. I told the guy to stop and that he had to double-check, asking him to leave the apartment. I later found out that he ripped off my elderly neighbors, including my mother, who lives nearby. Fortunately, we have her face on security cameras and we filed the police report, but I have to say, it's funny how an anime actually kept me from getting scammed. Then I checked my mailbox and they even put up a bogus notice saying they would check the pipe. "

“Technically it was not the same scam since they said that in the anime they checked the water pipes. But the point is clear and it's definitely good that you saw it. Scam avoided! ". The user closed his post by inviting everyone to be careful and always ask for legitimate credentials from anyone asking to enter his home.

The series debuted on July 8 on Fuji TV in Japan and will run for two arcs, including a total of 23 episodes. The Netflix platform is making its global distribution, with the final arc comprising episodes 15 to 23 and scheduled to premiere on November 25.

Great Pretender Synopsis

Makoto Edamura es supuestamente el mejor estafador de Japón. En conjunto con su compañero Kudo, ellos intentan estafar a un francés que se encontraba en Asakusa, pero inexplicablemente son ellos los que son engañados.

El francés, a quien intentaron estafar, resulta ser Laurent Thierry, un peligroso hombre del sindicato del crimen que controla a las mafias. ¡Edamura aún no ha descubierto que su atrevimiento ha abierto la puerta a una nueva etapa en su vida!

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