Adult stores are slowly invading Akihabara

Adult stores are slowly invading Akihabara

The Japanese portal Daily Shincho published an article entitled "Akihabara is changing from an otaku district to a red district", which pointed out the slight change that has been observed in the commercial lines of the establishments of the popular Akihabara District in Japan, considered the mecca of otaku culture.

Adult stores are slowly invading Akihabara

«(Omission) The fact that 'sex shops are standing out in Akihabara' has gone viral on social media. If you browse through the specialized site of this type of premises, you will discover that Akihabara has a total of 236 establishments of articles for adults, a figure greater than the 217 of the Red Light District of Yoshiwara, which existed during the Edo Period. Perhaps because Akihabara is considered an “otaku district”, those establishments dedicated to adult entertainment stand out more easily. Also, there are many stores that add high school girl cosplays to their product catalogs.

“At the end of 2020, a popular western restaurant called“ Kitchen Jiro ”closed its doors. In its place a free counseling office was established and this attracted criticism. Taro Kawashima, a journalist familiar with the district, noted that “since otaku have chosen to purchase all their products through online stores, physical stores are no longer necessary, leading Akihabara to slowly become a red light district "".

“Since mid-2010, it has become much easier for manga and anime fans to get their purchases through online platforms. This has slowly decreased the flow of visitors in the Akihabara District and, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple establishments were unable to continue operating in the red. Thus, adult goods stores began to take their places, slowly beginning to become the majority.

Source: Otakomu

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