After six years, the EDENS ZERO manga is over

After six years, the EDENS ZERO manga is over

The manga "EDENS ZERO", created by Hiro Mashima, came to an end today with the publication of its chapter 293 in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Since its inception in June 2018, this series has maintained a consistent storyline for six years. What stands out is that Hiro Mashima, in his 26-year career as a mangaka, has never taken a break, always offering weekly content to his readers.

After six years, the EDENS ZERO manga is over

Mashima, 47, began his career in 1998 with "MAGICIAN," which earned him the 60th New Mangaka Award from Weekly Shonen Magazine. He formally debuted with "BAD BOYS SONG" on 'Magazine Fresh.' In 1999, he released "RAVE" in Weekly Shonen Magazine, gaining popularity and getting an anime adaptation. Subsequently, his most recognized work, "FAIRY TAIL", was published from 2006 to 2017, cementing his reputation in the manga industry.

Since June 2018, Mashima had been serializing "EDENS ZERO" in Weekly Shonen Magazine, while simultaneously working on other series such as "FAIRY TAIL 100 YEARS QUEST" in Pocket Magazine and "DEAD ROCK" in Monthly Shonen Magazine. In addition, he has participated in the creation of original anime and video games, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to the entertainment industry.

Mashima's dedication is impressive, as in his 26-year career he has never taken a break. In 2013, during the serialization of 'FAIRY TAIL', it marked a milestone by publishing three consecutive chapters in two weeks, totaling 128 pages, something almost unheard of in the industry. With the end of "EDENS ZERO," Mashima thanked his fans by saying, "Thank you for your support throughout this time. See you soon! And keep supporting the 'Weekly Shōnen Magazine'"

In a previous interview, Mashima revealed that he keeps a stock of manuscripts for unforeseen health events and assured that he manages to sleep about seven hours a day, enjoying video games in his free time.

Source: Oricon News