Albedo and Eula Start new musical videos of Genshin Impact

Albedo and Eula Start new musical videos of Genshin Impact

The videogame developed by Mihoyo, Genshin Impact, usually upload musical video with mini-albums of the project soundtrack. In these videos, players can usually hear three tracks from the soundtrack to enjoy a moment of tranquility. The most recent are starring Albedo, "Chief Alchemist" and by Eula Lawrence, "Kinge de la tarea".

  • Video of Albedo, "Chief Alchemist": "A blizzard raves on the mountain, hiding the enigmas of the past. On Earth, memories were buried that became treasures of nature. Everything comes alive with the stroke of a brush ». It includes the songs "Spin of Ice Crystals", "Finale of the Snowtomb" and "Fragile Fantasy".
  • Video of Eula, "Tide Kople": "Cliffs whipped by the wind, recondite forests and a mantle of snow covering the foot of the mountain. In the outskirts of Mondstadt, the fingerprints of the tide of the tide are scattered. And, somewhat another occasion, under the warm breeze of the day, the diligent captain of the recognition team manages to find a moment of peace. " It includes the songs "Wayfarer's Peace", "The Horizon" and "Moonlike Smile".

GENSHIN IMPACT is available on mobile devices, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC. The "version 2.2" of the videogame was launched globally on October 13, while "version 2.3" was released on November 24. The videogame celebrated its first anniversary on September 28, and recorded profits for more than 2 billion dollars in its first year. The application is also available in the QooAapp catalog on this link.

Description of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free open-world action role video game that takes players to Teyvat's visually dazzling world. The player assumes the role of the mysterious "traveler", which embarks on a trip to discover the destiny of the lost brother of him and reveals the mysterious secrets of Teyvat along the way. Currently, players can explore both Mondstadt and the port of Liyue, two of the seven main cities in Teyvat, each with cultures, stories and vast unique surrounding landscapes, and offer a diversity of creatures, monsters, secrets and hidden treasures for That the players discover them. As the game progresses, more cities, stories, characters and seasonal events will be launched.

Source: Siliconera.

© Mihoyo.

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