A 'fixed' crane machine goes viral in Japan

A Japanese Twitter user identified as オ ガ ト ゥ ー ン (@ ​​84848141a) reported that in a Sega Center crane machine shop (known in Japan as UFO Catchers) he could not get one of the awards and, assuming that the machine was fixed, reported the event to the police. "I went to the police since it was impossible to obtain it," he wrote in his first post.

The photograph showed that two police officers approached to verify the situation, so the manager of the premises had to make an appearance and demonstrate that the prize was, in fact, possible to obtain by playing the crane machine. However, the user published a new update: “That subject claimed that the object was possible to obtain, however, in front of me he has already tried it more than 300 times and has not succeeded. Now you realize? Even if you try a million times, it won't work. "

The update became a hit in Japan, getting more than 90,000 reactions on the first post. However, after 16 hours, the user has not made a new update with the follow-up of the situation, so those interested are still not sure how the matter ended.

Source: Twitter

Photographs: @ 84848141a

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