Gotoubun No Hanayome: The Miku nendoroid is still one of Amazon's best-selling products

The Hobby Magazine portal published the ranking of products with a higher sales volume in the last 24 hours through the Amazon platform in Japan, specifically in the "Hobby category". The portal specified that the list is based on Amazon data to April 19, 2021 at 10:00, [...]

OREGAIRU will have a special exhibition this month

In commemoration to the launch of the New Illustrations book of the Ponkan8 artist, the Torranoan company will perform a special exhibition at Osaka, Nagoya and Akihabara focused on the Yahari Ore Franchise No Sixhun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru (OREGAIRU). The exhibition will be made in Osaka as of April 20, in Nagoya from [...]

Beck's director died, Osamu Kobayashi

Different media reported that the animator, illustrator, mechanical designer and japanese animation director Osamu Kobayashi, died from a cancer recently. The statement did not reveal more details about it. Osamu Kobayashi was born in January 1964 in the Prefecture of Tokyo, and was recognized mainly by the participation of him in the fourth epi...

Japan: An idol group ask their fanatics to restrict their networking language

In the official account of the Idol Dori group ☆ SUTE (ドリ ☆ ステ), an update was published by the representative team that became immensely viral in Japan. The publication in question requested fanatics to not use certain terms in social networks, as they consider them "sexual harassment to IDOLs". "Request on the content of the content [...]<...

Megumi Hayashibara, Rei's voice in Evangelion, responds to a rumor emerged in networks

On April 17, the Japanese Portal Cyzo Woman published an article entitled «An industry insider revealed that there is a" certain distance "between the Mogon Voice Actresses Hayashibara and Kotono Mitsuishi of Evangelion». The article became viral in Japan by the current obvious popularity of the film Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon [...]

Hiro Mashima, author of Fairy Tail, will give an important announcement this month

A recognized Japanese Leaker reported that the author of Fairy Tail and Edens Zero, Hiro Mashima, will give an "very important announcement" this month. The announcement will be published in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine of Kodansha at the end of this month. Since no more details were given, the fans already have their own theories [...]

Japan: An artist details a dark side in the voice acting industry

The Yahoo! Portal News Japan published an extensive article entitled "Forced relations in the entertainment industry. A problem that has been extended to the infamous voice action industry and the world of YouTubers », where a situation that is lived by intermediaries and talents [...] was described

IDOL ITO Mayuki moves to the cinema industry for adults

Idol Ito Mayuki, ancient member of the Yumeoi Shoujo Musical Unit, where he participated between July and October 2019, reported through his official media that has changed business turning, moving to the adult film industry in Japan. Before starting, it should be noted that Yumeoi Shoujo is a [...]

The developer Square Enix denies the rumors that it will be sold to a third

The Japanese division of the Bloomberg portal reported that multiple companies have expressed interest in the purchase of the Square Enix developer. At the time, the report indicated that the purchase has not been specified for one of the departments or for the company in its entirety. However, shortly after the company issued a [...]

OREGAIRU: Iroha stars a collaboration with a beverage brand

In the official Twitter account for the Japanese Beverage Company I Lohas, a special illustration was published in collaboration with the Yahari Franchise Ore No Sixhun Love Comedy WA Machigatteiru (My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu or also Oregairu). The illustration was performed by ponkan8, the artist of the original light novels, while [...]

A publication in Japan explained why large breast women prefer tight clothing

A publication on Twitter became immensely viral in Japan, as he explained why large breast women prefer to use tight blouses or t-shirts. "Women with large breasts wear tight clothes because the appearance of their waist looks completely different." In summary, the publication indicates that the combined loose clothing [...]

The creator of Mobile Suit Gundam aims to overcome the success of Kimetsu no Yaiba

The creator of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise (Kidou Senshi Gundam), Yoshiyuki Tomino, made an appearance as a guest in the variety program "Hayashi Osamu No Ima Dehou! Kouza "Transmitted on TV Asahi, where he commented on the current influence of the anime industry. Tomino appeared in a section of the program where [...]