Key to reveal a new multimedia project this month

The Japanese visual novel development company Key announced through its official Twitter account the opening of a website to promote a new multimedia project that will debut this fall. The company will reveal more details during a live broadcast on October 26.

The company was founded in July 1998 as a Visual Arts subsidiary based in Osaka Prefecture. Their debut work was released in 1999 and was titled Kanon, which combined an elaborate line of events with an anime-like drawing style and a soundtrack that blended perfectly with the delivery.

Shortly after, the second game was released in 2000 and was titled AIR, this installment had a similar plot but not as complex as the previous game, and focused on a more dynamic gameplay. Both Kanon and AIR were originally adult games with explicit scenes, but Key broke this trend with Clannad, released in 2004 for all ages.

The company, through Visual Arts, has collaborated with the P.A. Works and with the distributor Aniplex in the production of original animated series, such as Angel Beats! in 2010, Charlotte in 2015 and Kamisama ni Natta Hi in 2020. To date, Key has released a total of fourteen visual novels, the most recent being Summer Pockets, released in 2018, followed by an extended version titled Summer Pockets Reflextion Blue, launched in 2020.

Source: Official Twitter Account


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