Oregairu exceeds 10 million copies in circulation

Through Twitter, the author of the light novels Yahari Ore No Sixhun Love Comedy WA Machigatteiru (My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu or also Oregairu), shared an update with the sample of volume number 14.5, which will be put on sale in Japan. Next April 20. The rack confirmed that the franchise [...]

A fan bought 20 copies of Koori No Reijou No Tokashikata to support the author

A few days ago we report that the author Kakeru Takamine shared an update on Twitter asking his followers to disseminate his novel Koori No Reijou No Tokashikata, which has Ichigo Kagawa's illustrations and who said that he is At risk of being canceled. "Taste in meeting them. [...]

The author of 86: Eighty-Six revealed what inspired the theme of the work

A few days ago the animated adaptation of the light novels 86: Eighty-Six, written by the author Asato Asato was released. It should be noted that Asato offered an interview in 2017 to a magazine, where she revealed some curiosities about the concept of history and how he came to him. Asato pointed out during the [...]

The original anime VIVY: Fluorite Eye's Song will have adaptation to light novel

The MAG Garden editorial listed the launch of a light novel entitled Vive: Prototype, written by Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara and illustrated by IOUDRAW. The launch is scheduled for the next April 30 in Japan, and it is a novelization of the original anime by Wit Studio, Vive: Fluorite Eye's Song. The description indicates: «With [...]

The light novels Maou-sama, Retry! They exceed one million copies in circulation

In the official Twitter account for light novels written by Kurone Kanzaki and illustrated by Kouji Ogata (first edition) and Makoto Iino (second edition), Maou-sama, Retry! (Demon Lord, Retry!), It was announced that the literary franchise has exceeded 1,000,000 cumulative circulation copies. The count also includes copies of adaptation to [......

The author of Hoze Wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei Wo Hirou had no confidence in the plot

Section of "author's words" is rarely translated into non-official translations of light novels, however, this section usually offers interesting comments about the background of the work or even the publication conditions. This was the case of light novels written by Shimese and illustrated by Booota, [...]

The Oresuki light novels reveal the details of its final volume

On the official site for Light novels written by Rakuda and illustrated by Buriki, Ore Wo Suki Nano WA OmaE Dake Ka I (Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?), The cover illustration of the tenth sixth volume, was published That will be released on May 8 in Japan. The description […]

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear novels exceed 1.8 million copies in circulation

In the tenth seventh volume of light novels written by Kumano and illustrated by 029, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, was reported that the literary franchise has exceeded 1.8 million copies of accumulated circulation. This volume will be put on sale in Japan on April 16. Kumano began publication [...]

The novels Seijo No Maryoku WA Bannou Desu exceed 2.2 million copies in circulation

The Kadokawa publisher launched a commercial for literary franchise based on light novels written by Yuka Tachibana and illustrated by Yasuyuki Shuri, Seijo No Maryoku WA Bannou Desu (The Saint's Magic Ability Is Omnipotent). The video confirms that the series has exceeded 2.2 million cumulative circulation copies. On the other hand, […]

They release a Twitter account dedicated to promoting romantic comedies

The staff of the Editorial Department of the MF Bunko J Editorial Factory launched the project "Houkago Love Comedy Club (Romantic Comedies Club after school)", which is described as a Twitter account that will perform the following activities: « This is an account that captures and offers you the moments excessively [...]

The light novels HIGHE WO SORRU. Soshite Joshikousei Wo Hirou are about to end

The Kadokawa publisher updated the description of the fifth volume of light novels written by Shimenta and illustrated by Booota, HEGE WO SORRU. Soshite Joshikousei Wo Hirou (Higéhiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took In A High School Runaway), pointing out that it will be the last of the series. The publisher describes this fifth volume...

The author of the Koori novels No Reijou No Tokashikata asks for help so that they are not canceled

Through your Official Twitter account, author Kakeru Takamine shared an update asking his followers to spread his Koori light novel No Reijou No Tokashikata, which has Illustrations of Ichigo Kagawa and that, In his words, he is at risk of being canceled. «Taste [...]