This was the anime-decorated car show event in Japan

Fans of “itasha” reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting ban on mass events will be relieved by these photos from the Tenkabusou Touzai Saikyou Itasha Kessen event, which took place at the Athletics Park Asakura in Gifu Prefecture.

The event featured a wide variety of cars and motorcycles decorated with anime characters. More than 160 vehicles were present at the event, as it had the participation of people from all over the country, who gathered to compete and demonstrate that they have the most impressive “otaku-mobile”. As a result, a friendly event attendee shared photos of the event on Twitter.

Before moving on to the photographs, it is worth mentioning that “itasha” is a Japanese term used to refer to cars decorated with characters from anime, manga or video games (especially girls). Decorations usually consist of adhesives, although in more extreme cases they can also consist of paint. Automobiles are called "itasha", while motorcycles and bicycles are called "itansha" and "itachari", respectively.

Source: Twitter account

Photographs: @peerless_tarui

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