Trigger produced Opening of the video game Marble Knights

The Wayforward developer company published the opening sequence of the Marble Knights video game, which was produced by Trigger studios. Naoko Tatsumi de Trigger and Erin Bozon of Wayforward were commissioned to produce the opening sequence project, while Matt Bozon was in charge of the Animation Directorate and Dale North composed [...]

Kakegurui announces a collaboration with the Mahjong Soul videogame

In the Official Twitter account for the game for smartphones developed by Catfood Studio and distributed by Yostar, Mahjong Soul, a collaboration event was announced with the Kakegurui franchise, specifically with the second season of animated adaptation. Few details have been revealed about this collaboration. Homura Kawamoto and Tooru [...]

The Yuru Camp video game: HAVE A NICE DAY! will be released in autumn

The developer company Mages announced that the Yuru Camp video game: Have a nice day!, The next delivery based on the written manga and illustrated by Afro, Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp), has dated its launch for the next autumn in the consoles PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game of "camp adventure" will have normal editions, [...]

Aoi Yuuki, Tanya's voice, reveals as Avid Genshin Player Impact

Through Twitter, the voice actress and singer Aoi Yuuki shared an update that turned viral in Japan, as it showed that it is an avid game of Genshin Impact. In her capture, she showed that she already has the range of adventure 55 and the world level 8. It should be noted that Aoi Yuuki [...]

Azur Lane: 18 girls have been withdrawn in the China version

In China the sexual attraction of fictitious characters has again suffered a censorship, since the game for Smartphones Azur Lane has eliminated a total of eighteen girls in its version in China, a turn of events that many say it took enough to arrive considering the trend of the Government of the Nation for controlling [...]

The Wave video game !!: Surfing Yappe !! It was closed in just one month

Through Twitter, it was announced that the game for smartphones of the Wave franchise !!: Surfing Yappe !! It will close your servers just a month after its official launch. The game was launched in Japan on March 1, 2021. «[IMPORTANT] Wave service termination notification !!: Naminori Boys. Thank you very much for your [...]

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby exceeds 5 million accumulated downloads

In the official Twitter account for the game for smartphones developed by Cygames, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, it was announced that the delivery has exceeded 5 million accumulated downloads. «The video game" UMA MUSUME: Pretty Derby "has been downloaded more than five million times. To celebrate this achievement, we have deposited 3,000 gems [......

The Game Game Impact reveals more details about your next event

The Mihoyo developer revealed through its official site the details of the next GENSHIN IMPACT video game event. This event is entitled Wishful Drops and will be held in the period from 9 to 16 April of this year. "During this event, travelers can equip Horder the curious for [...]

Zombieland Saga announces a collaboration with The Idolmaster

On the official site for the franchise based on the original anime of the Mappa Studios, Zombieland Saga, a collaboration with the game for smartphones The Idolmaster was announced: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage. The event will be carried out in the application in Japan between April 6 and 19, and will include a [...]

Gotoubun No Hanayome announces a collaboration with D4dj Groovy Mix

The Bushiroad company announced that it has started a special collaboration event between the game for Smartphones D4DJ Groovy Mix and the Multimedia Franchise based on the Manga de Gotoubun No Hanayome (The Quintesesential Quintuplets). The event includes the interpretation of the musical theme "Gotoubun No Kimochi", which was the topic of open...

They accuse Genshin Impact of 'Racismo'

The videogame developed by Mihoyo, Genshin Impact has been wrapped in a new controversy within one of the most outstanding social networks in this aspect, since some "Internet warriors" have complained about the "negative aspects" of the game since "He said" that Hilichurl enemies supposedly are based on peoples [...]

The Videogame of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation exceeds one million downloads

In the official Twitter account for the game for smartphones of the Mushoku Tensei franchise: JOBLESS REINCARNATION, which is titled Mushoku Tensei: Game ni Nattemo Honki Dasu, was reported that the application has exceeded the million downloads since its launch on the past 27 of March in Japan. The Beaglee developer company launched [...]