Black Butler is suspended indefinitely

Black Butler is suspended indefinitely

The popular manga "Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)", created by Yana Toboso, will enter an indefinite suspension, as announced on the official Twitter account of Monthly G Fantasy magazine. From the July 18 edition, the series will stop and during this time past episodes will be republished.

Black Butler is suspended indefinitely

In the statement on Twitter, Yana Toboso expressed her gratitude to the followers of the series: "To everyone who has supported 'Black Butler', thank you very much. This time, I'll take a little longer time to prepare for what's to come." Toboso, who debuted in 2004 and celebrates a 20-year career in 2024, thanked his readers: "Since my debut in 2004, I have been able to continue without major illnesses or breaks, thanks to the warm support of all of you."

Toboso also commented on his plans during the hiatus: "During this period, I will take good care of my physical and mental health, and advance the research and preparation necessary for the climax of 'Black Butler.' I deeply regret everyone who was waiting for the monthly serialization. I will come back in the best possible condition, so I ask you to wait a little longer."

The publisher also reported, "The restart of serialization will be announced in 'Monthly G Fantasy' magazine as soon as it is decided. During the hiatus period, we will publish previous chapters of 'Black Butler'. Thank you for your understanding."

"Black Butler," which has been published since 2006, tells the story of Ciel Phantomhive, the young head of the noble Phantomhive family, and his perfect butler, Sebastian. The series follows these characters as they fulfill various missions on behalf of the British government, acting from the shadows to maintain order in England's underground society.

Source: Oricon News