Boku no Hero Academia Won't Be Over Anytime Soon

Boku no Hero Academia Won't Be Over Anytime Soon

This article contains spoilers for the "Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)" manga. Discretion is advised to the reader.

It will soon be a decade since Kohei Horikoshi began publishing the "Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)" manga, and although the story has already ended with the plot climax, the author has refused to finish it yet. In fact, with the revelation of the spoilers for Chapter 424, it has been confirmed that the work will still continue for more chapters.

Boku no Hero Academia Won't Be Over Anytime Soon

It was popular Twitter user "@RukasuMHA" who shared the author's message for the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. As we well know, authors share a message on a special page of the magazine, reacting to something that has happened in their daily lives, to a recent event within the industry, or to the most recent chapter of their own work.

In the most recent episode of "Boku no Hero Academia" (or rather, the leaks of it), it was confirmed that the battle against All For One has finally come to an end, and the protagonists are now facing the consequences of war. Meanwhile, Midoriya is in the hospital and holds on to the last embers of the One For All, which Izuku had forcibly transferred as part of the original plan against Tomura Shigaraki.

This means that, eventually, Midoriya will run out of Quirk, returning to life from before he met All Might. Of course, some are skeptical about it, especially considering that "in Boku no Hero Academia everything goes well in the end" and because the author himself spoiled the entire work with the first chapter. Let's remember that in this presentation, Izuku Midoriya introduces himself as the "number one hero in the world" and tells us the story in retrospect.

In short, even though the war is over, the author stated that he has no intention of "finishing the story anytime soon", since there are still things to tell:

  • "Writing conventions say that the conclusion of a story should be short, but this isn't the kind of manga that can end immediately after the fights are over, so I'll stick with it a little longer. We're back to the title," he wrote in his comment for the magazine.
Boku no Hero Academia Won't Be Over Anytime Soon

By the expression "we're back to the title," he means that the work will return to the main theme of "hero academy," so fans can rest easy and wait patiently for a much more relaxed story than what "Boku no Hero Academia" offered over the past few years.

Source: @RukasuMHA en Twitter