China prohibits Tencent Holdings to update or launch new applications

China prohibits Tencent Holdings to update or launch new applications

China's authorities have suspended Tencent Holdings the update of their existing applications or the launch of new applications as part of a "temporary administrative orientation" against the technological giant, the Chinese media reported, including, with headquarters In Shanghai. According to the report, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has ordered the stores and application platforms that apply the order against Tencent Holdings applications as of Wednesday, November 24, 2021, in a hard administrative punishment Against the technological giant, who manages dozens of applications, including the Super WeChat application, which has 1,200 million users. Tencent Holdings said in a statement that is cooperating with the authorities in the inspection of their applications, indirectly confirming the report.

China prohibits Tencent Holdings to update or launch new applications

There are more than 70 applications published by Tencent Holdings that are active and there are more than 100 games published by Tencent Mobile Games, according to the QIMAI application tracking company. It is not known how long the suspension will last and the Chinese ministry has not published any information about the prohibition. "We work continuously to improve the user's protection functions in our applications, and we also regularly cooperate with the relevant government agencies to ensure compliance with regulations. Our applications are still functional and are available for download, "said Tencent Holdings on his statement.

The regulatory measure occurs in the midst of Beijing's continuous scrutiny over the country's technological sector. Beijing has accelerated its legislative efforts to regulate the data in the country, having promulgated the cybersecurity law in 2017, followed by the Data Security Law this September, which requires companies to undergo a safety assessment to obtain the Approval before sending user data abroad. And in November China promulgated the law of protection of personal information, one of the strictest regulations in the world in terms of personal data security, with powerful implications for cross-border data transfers and how companies operate Inside the country.

China prohibits Tencent Holdings to update or launch new applications

The Ministry has been naming and exposing regularly the applications that consider guilty of violating the regulations or infringing the rights of users. Tencent Holdings applications have been reported frequently, among other competitors such as Alibaba Group Holding and Bytedance. On the list of November 3, 38 applications appointed and publicly expressed by the Ministry for excessively collecting data from users, three applications were developed by Tencent Holdings, namely, Tencent News, a Karaoke application and QQ Music.

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