Criticism rains over the presentation of Kana Hanazawa by a Japanese program

Criticism rains over the presentation of Kana Hanazawa by a Japanese program

On the Japanese portal Myjitsu, an article was shared entitled "Shabekuri, a special edition with voice actors is all the rage, they were popular before Kimetsu no Yaiba!", Which described a situation that was generated in networks before the Presentation by the Shabekuri 007 program of the popular voice actress Kana Hanazawa, who was introduced as the voice of a character from Kimetsu no Yaiba, as if it was her most important project to date.

Criticism rains over the presentation of Kana Hanazawa by a Japanese program

“(Omission) Popular singer and voice actress Kana Hanazawa was a guest on the variety show" Shabekuri 007 "broadcast on Nippon TV on November 16. However, her fans were completely offended when she was introduced as "The voice of Mitsuri Kanroji in Kimetsu no Yaiba," as if it was hinted that it has been her most relevant role to date. "

“Hanazawa-san is a talented voice actress with a professional career of over ten years, so her fans were clearly embarrassed when the production assumed that Kimetsu no Yaiba had been her most relevant participation, as if wanting to help her with success. of the franchise, when she doesn't need that. "

“'When I turned on the television to watch Shabekuri and saw Kana-chan being introduced as a popular voice from Kimetsu no Yaiba, I immediately turned it off. She has been popular long before that, ”one comment stated. "Kimetsu no Yaiba should be grateful to have Kana Hanazawa in their ranks, and not the other way around," said another.

“The wave of outrage comments did not stop,“ The promotional boom for Kimetsu no Yaiba is undeniable, but apparently the production does not know beyond that. Kana-chan has been immensely popular since before that, ”said another comment. Criticism flooded social networks with outrage and frustration at the intoxicating popularity of a series that is being overrated about the individual careers of each, "the article concluded.

Kana Hanazawa has stood out in the voice acting industry for her roles as Nadeko Sengoku in Monogatari Series, Anri Sonohara in Durarara !!, Kanade Tachibana in Angel Beats !, Ruri Gokou in Oreimo, Mayuri Shiina in Steins; Gate, Kosaki Onodera in Nisekoi, Chiaki Nanami in Danganronpa, Ichika Nakano in Go-Toubun no Hanayome, among many others.

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