Elon Musk raised Bandai Namco's stock with a tweet from The Idolmaster

Elon Musk raised Bandai Namco's stock with a tweet from The Idolmaster

When Elon Musk isn't showering all the money he has as the world's richest man, he's making the popular “Stonks” meme come true by literally boosting the stock of the video game company Bandai Namco with a single post. on The Idolmaster's Twitter. At this point, Musk simply rejects all known economic theory and substitutes it for his own interests, of which anime culture is just one of many.

No, this is not a joke. Even Bloomberg Japan Editor-in-Chief Gearoid Reidy is citing Elon Musk's Twitter post as the reason behind Bandai Namco's share price surge earlier today on the Japanese stock market. Shares of Bandai Namco have risen steadily throughout 2020 as video games (and anime companies) remained the only reliable industries in times of a global pandemic, but experienced declines during the holiday period in late December. .

Elon Musk's Twitter post has seen the stock rally to just 9,400 yen a share. While it is lower than Bandai Namco's peak in early December 2020, set at 9,600 yen per share, this amount is still higher than what Bandai Namco has seen in company history since Bandai and Namco se merged in 2005.

Clearly, Elon Musk has a great appreciation for the girls of The Idolmaster franchise, with the post on Twitter consisting of a picture of Sachiko Koshimizu from The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls, known as the “pure idol” among fans.

Source: Official Twitter Account