Ensure on Twitter that Boku no Hero Academy promotes incest and domestic violence

Ensure on Twitter that Boku no Hero Academy promotes incest and domestic violence

On Twitter there are always the most peculiar individuals of the Internet community, and this time one of them decided to launch a criticism towards the Boku Franchise No Hero Academy (My Hero Academy), specifically focused on the interview scene between All Might And the Katsuki Bakugou family. "My Hero Academy is normalizing child abuse and domestic violence. This scene is not a matter of laughter, and if you think it is normal for a mother to hit her son while he was calm and then he recriminated it was the fault of her being kidnapped to make him feel worse, then you need therapy, "he wrote the Username.

The Black Clover Fan Autodeclared also noted that the franchise "promotes incest", responding to a publication that another user wrote: "Nigga, at least you would have chosen better screenshots. The two that come out there seem simply brothers discussing ». Thus, the user answered: "What is another problem that should be noted within my Hero Academy, almost all the characters in the series are the Calcoada image of their parents, so I can not help thinking that my Hero Academy is, of Made, trying to normalize incestuous acts ».

Unfortunately and contrary to what most believes, it is not a "Bait", because the user has been trying to constantly eliminate a publication that is on face, where it was negatively expressed about Mexico. "Lmao, to see him again," he wrote one of the users who answered him with the capture. «- Some idiot who lives in Mexico. An unpleasant culture where people do not even wash their ass, and in their place they only clean it with scarves, "he wrote in that publication now eliminated.

Synopsis of Boku No Hero Academy

The appearance of "Quirks", newly discovered superpowers, has increased constantly over the years, and 80 percent of humanity has various skills, from the manipulation of elements until change. This leaves the rest of the world completely impotent, and Izuku Midoriya is one of those individuals. Since he was a child, the ambitious high school student has not wanted anything more than being a hero. The unfair destination of Izuku lets him admire the heroes and taking notes on them as long as he can. But it seems that the persistence of him has given some fruits: Izuku meets the number one hero and the personal idol of him, All Might. The Quirk of All Might is a unique ability that can be inherited, and has chosen Izuku as its successor! After supporting many months of exhausting training, Izuku is part of the Academy UA, a prestigious famous school for its excellent training program of heroes, and the first year students of this year are especially promising. With strangers but talented classmates of him and the imminent threat of an evil organization, Izuku will soon learn what really means being a hero.

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