Ensure that Tatsuhisa Suzuki is temporarily banned from Aniplex projects

Ensure that Tatsuhisa Suzuki is temporarily banned from Aniplex projects

The Japanese Portal Cyzo Woman published an article by noting that different sources of the manga industry and anime have ensured that Tatsuhisa Suzuki has temporarily forbidden to participate in Aniplex productions, as part of a sanction supposedly applied by Sony after the most recent infidelity scandal in which he was involved.

Ensure that Tatsuhisa Suzuki is temporarily banned from Aniplex projects

"In July, it was reported that the Tatsuhisa Suzuki voice player had an adventure with a fan. According to sources of the industry, before resuming his race, he would have been imposed "deadly penalty as a voice actor". The adventure of Suzuki came to light on the Bunshun News website on July 30, and immediately after the report, on August 4, Suzuki suspended his activities, alleging "bad health". His wife, the smooth singer, was also taken a break from some of his activities due to "physical and mental fatigue", but reappeared at the Hokkaido concert of his National Tour "Live Is Smile Always ~ Ladybug ~" on day 28 of August".

"On the other hand, it was reported that Suzuki would have tried to take away his life according to an article published by Josei Seven magazine of Shogakukan, published on August 19, but fortunately it was also noted that his life was not in danger. Suzuki subsequently published a communicate written by hand where he apologized for all the inconvenience caused, although he did not confirm any of the indications. The Agency of Him only stressed that he "will resume the activities of him while maintaining his state of health under observation" »

"Internet is full of sympathy for Lisa, the" victim "of infidelity, while Suzuki is criticized by the public. On August 19, the producers of the popular Anime series "Free!", In which Suzuki has played a main character for many years, announced that "the delicate performance and relationships we have established with other members of the distribution and The staff are the most important thing for this work. " Although Suzuki has announced that he will continue to collaborate with the company, there have been many hard comments on the part of the people of the sector, and the "anger" of the section in support of Lisa seems to be pushing Suzuki even more. "

"" The bad habits of Suzuki were already known, but their recent actions generated more problems than they could expect, especially the fury of Lisa fanatics, which is too considerable. It is said that Sony Music, whom Lisa is affiliated, has also adopted "sanctions" against Suzuki, "said a source of the industry. Among the sanctions is rumored that he is currently "forbidden to" work for Aniplex, an important anime producer and entertainment company in general dependent on Sony ".

"Aniplex is involved in a variety of business, including the planning, production and sale of animation and other visual and musical works, the distribution of films and the planning and production of social video games. Aniplex also participated in the production of the popular anime "Kimetsu No Yaiba", for which Lisa sang the main musical theme, and the series "Nanatsu No Taizai", one of Suzuki's most famous works, during his stay at TBS. The company is also involved in many other projects, so, although Suzuki fully resumes its activities, the work opportunities of it have been considerably reduced at the moment, "said another source".

"In addition, as the future of the couple has not been revealed at the moment, the voice of concern has also arisen from the fans of both artists, and definitely the most intelligent decision is finally making the decision of what will happen with their Marriage before Suzuki resumes activities, because this could calm the "turbulent waters" on which he is currently standing. "

Source: Cyzo Woman

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