Fairy Tail Announces Collaboration With Game Houchi Shoujo

Fairy Tail Announces Collaboration With Game Houchi Shoujo

On the official site for the Houchi Shoujo smartphone role-playing game, a collaboration event with the franchise based on Hiro Mashima's manga, Fairy Tail, was announced. The event, titled "Hyakkaryouran no Moehimetachi" will feature the characters Wendy Marvell, Erza Scarlet and Lucy Heartfilia as obtainable through gacha.

During this event, the character of Wendy will be available from September 14 and Erza from September 15, both with a deadline of September 21. Later, Lucy will be added as an obtainable character between September 29 and October 5.

On the other hand, Mashima published the original manga in Kodansha publisher's Weekly Shonen Magazine between August 2006 and July 2017. The publisher compiled the work in a total of 63 volumes.

The play inspired various anime adaptations that together totaled 328 episodes, with 175 produced by Satelight Studios and 153 produced by Bridge Studios in collaboration with CloverWorks Studios on episodes 278 to 328. The anime began broadcasting. in October 2009 and ended in September 2019.

Synopsis of Fairy Tail

In the mystical realm of Earth Land, magic exists in the daily lives of its inhabitants, from transportation to public services and everything in between. However, even with all its benefits, magic can also be used for great evil; Therefore, to prevent dark forces from disturbing the natural order of things, there is a system of magical guilds in the Kingdom of Fiore. Under the command of their respective guild masters, these guilds are made up of wizards who make various job requests to gain fame and fortune. One particular guild stands out above the rest in strength and spirit, and its name is Fairy Tail.

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