Fans of KonoSuba! disappointed in Kazuma

Fans of KonoSuba! disappointed in Kazuma

There is no doubt that the third season of "KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!" is one of the most popular series of the Spring-2024 season (April-June). Generally billed as one of the best comedy stories in anime history, many fans praise the protagonist Kazuma Sato to the point of calling him "Lord Kazuma." However, it seems that fans were not happy with the character's performance in the most recent episode.

The most recent episode finally revealed why Darkness decided to leave the Kazuma Sato-led group despite their recent successes. It was explained that Darkness will marry Lord Alderp in order to settle a debt her family has owed him. This episode began with Megumin and Aqua attempting to get Darkness' attention from outside their mansion, failing in the process. After learning the motives behind Darkness' decision, Kazuma decided to infiltrate the room of his mansion.

Fans of KonoSuba! disappointed in Kazuma

After a funny scene where Kazuma uses voice imitation magic to destroy Darkness' reputation among his subjects, the two began to talk about the matter. Kazuma noticed that Darkness was extremely sad. It was at this moment that Darkness began to take the situation to a romantic tone, taking Kazuma's hand and bringing it to her belly. She offered to give him her body before the nobleman did (in the light novel she says it explicitly, in the anime she doesn't), but Kazuma broke the tension by making a joke, bittering Darkness and provoking his fury.

Fans of KonoSuba! disappointed in Kazuma

It was this moment that became a trend on social networks, dividing fans of the franchise. While some applauded Kazuma's attitude of not taking advantage of Darkness's vulnerable state, others called him a "princess" and once regretted having admired his personality. In fact, it was the latter who made the most noise about it:

  • "Fucking mother Kazuma, how do you prefer loli to Darkness?"
  • "He lacked eggs, a disappointing protagonist."
  • "The reason is simple. Magumin was the one who declared herself first. Kazuma, thinking that he would not have another chance, got engaged to her, and apparently Kazuma will be many things, but not unfaithful."
  • "I'm a fan of Megumin as a character, but not as a couple. Neta sucked the Kazuma there, how is he going to reject Darkness?"
  • "He rejected her because he is a princess. He only jokes with suggestive situations, but when it comes to the hour he chickens out and does nothing or avoids the situation with some comment. He already did that four times or more with Darkness, and a few times with Megumin so far in the novel."
  • "Someday they will understand that it is not always about the chichotas."
  • "Deep down he knows that Darkness is still Darkness, that's why he does."
  • "Darkness, the MVP of KonoSuba! More than the overrated Loli Explosive. Even Yunyun seems better to me, even in the spin-off he overshadowed it."
  • "I've been reading that in the candles Kazuma was paired with Megumin due to 'pressure from readers', but that it was made clear that Kazuma and Darkness had more chemistry and could have had a deeper relationship."
  • "It's because of the popularity of the character. Unfortunately, Darkness couldn't compete in popularity with Megumin at the time."
  • "If he had really been a jerk in his past life, he wouldn't have refused the Darkness chichotas, but maybe he prefers Megumin for a fetish."
  • "Think about it coldly, this may be that Kazuma saw ahead, and remember that even if the opportunity arises, Kazuma I doubt he will take action."
  • "The funny thing is that Darkness was serious. So even if she doesn't prove anything, she does like him enough to give her virginity to Kazuma."
  • "Megumin is the sanest of the three crazy women. Darkness may be super hot, but her masochism makes her a bad match. I remind you that your sexual fantasy is to be raped by the Demon King's army."
  • "Well, Kazuma was also aware that Darkness was sad. Maybe if I had proposed it to him in another situation, he would have accepted."
  • "Loyal to Megumin? They're not even in a relationship yet."

Source: Twitter