Funimation resolved the demand of a blind person out of court

Funimation resolved the demand of a blind person out of court

The documents of the class action lawsuit that Jenisa Angeles, a legally blind person presented against Funimation Global Group, LLC in January of this year, revealed that the demand was resolved outside of the courts. While the documents did not provide the details of the agreement to which they arrived, the Liquidation Notice was presented since last March 12. The Ann Portal tried to communicate with Funimation, but the platform declined to comment on it.

Funimation resolved the demand of a blind person out of court

Jenisa Angeles presented the lawsuit in the District Court of the Southern District of New York on January 13, 2021, to his name "and that of all others in a similar situation," claiming that the Funimation platform violated the Americans with disabilities . The demand claimed that Funimation "has not designed, built, maintained or operated on its website to be fully accessible and independently usable by Jenisa Angeles or any other blind or visual disabilities".

According to the reports to that date, Angeles visited the website "" on several occasions (including January) to make some purchases, but "a decent shopping experience was denied for an invoying individual due to the lack of A variety of functions and environment adaptations, which effectively prevented you from being able to determine which products were available for sale ยป.

Specifically, the demand claimed that the characteristics of the site do not have elements of label or title attributes for each field, which allow the recognition software to read the items. In addition, the demand declared at the time that the pages of the site contained repeated titles and fallen links. This is how it is established, therefore, that "funimation has been involved in acts of intentional discrimination".

The lawsuit requested a permanent judicial order that it requires Funimation to "hire and retain an appropriate consultant" to be advised in compliance with web content accessibility guidelines, on its platform. Finally, Angeles also sought the following: a court order to prohibit Funimation to violate the NYC Administrative Code, a court order for Funimation to make its website fully complies with the Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content (WCAG 2.1), a statement De Funimation accepting that "operates in a way that discriminates the blind and that does not provide access to people with disabilities as Americans are required" and damage compensation along with other expenses, such as lawyers and expert fees.

Source: Ann.

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