Gal Gun Returns Cancels Xbox One Release Due To Possible Censorship

Gal Gun Returns Cancels Xbox One Release Due To Possible Censorship

In the official Twitter account of the Gal Gun franchise, a series of updates was published noting that its remastering, Gal Gun Returns, has canceled its launch on the Xbox One platform, which aroused a series of criticisms of Microsoft and they will go down to the company on the same level as Sony, when it comes to censorship of Japanese games.

Gal Gun Returns Cancels Xbox One Release Due To Possible Censorship

The message posted on Twitter mentioned that they seek to stay true to the original material from the first Gal Gun game in this remastering (for obvious reasons), however Microsoft noted that they "could not guarantee consistency of quality" across platforms. Announcement: The Xbox One release of the video game "Gal Gun Returns" has been canceled. We offer our sincerest apologies to all those who have been waiting for this release. You can find more details about this decision on our official site, and the launches on Nintendo Switch and Steam are still on, "explained the Twitter account.

“Today, we would like to announce that we will not be releasing the Gal Gun Returns video game on the Xbox family of consoles. As a remastering of the original game, we want to make sure we respect all of Gal Gun's original content, and while development on the Xbox version is complete and under review, apparently a decision by Microsoft reported that it could not ensure the consistency of the game. content.As a result, we have decided to focus solely on the Nintendo Switch and PC versions for the Gal Gun Returns release. We understand the feeling of disappointment on the part of all those who were looking forward to playing this installment on Xbox One, and we want to thank everyone for their continued support. Please accept our sincere apologies for this change to the original announcements. "

Gal Gun Synopsis

The story takes place in a preparatory school where the protagonist, Tenzou Motesugi, a second year student, has been accidentally shot with various "Cupid's Arrows" by an apprentice angel, Patako. The aura created by the multiple shots caused all the girls in his school to be drawn to him, trying to confess their love to him. An important side effect of the date is that if Tenzou is unable to find one of his four "True Loves Before sunset, then you will be lonely for life. Different routes and endings, choose your destined girl wisely or fail miserably!

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