Gendai: 'Young people do not consume anime in the right way'

Gendai: 'Young people do not consume anime in the right way'

The Japanese portal of the magazine Weekly Gandai published an article entitled "The tendency of the" double-speed viewers "indicates a frightening future", where a recent trend of young people was discussed not to fully enjoy the animation projects when reproducing them Double of its normal speed due to comfort issues.

Gendai: 'Young people do not consume anime in the right way'

«I saw myself unable to see Netflix on my 1.5x speed computer. The dialogue is very fast, but you can still distinguish the words and subtitles are also available. I use the Safari browser, but until around a year ago, Netflix did not have this tool in Japan. After more research, Netflix introduced the reproduction speed change as proof on mobile devices in October 2019. Since then, the tool has been introduced in different regions and allows users to look at their content at 0.5x speeds, 0.75x, 1x (standard), 1.25x and 1.5x when using the application for Android and iOS ».

«There are also the options of" more 10 seconds "and" less 10 seconds "between the playback commands. In other devices where the speed change is not available, the user can advance ten seconds to the series, in the same way as in Amazon Prime Video. I understand the "Less 10 Seconds" tool to review something that you have lost at the moment, but I do not understand the tools of "more 10 seconds" and 1.5x speed ».

"It seems that the first of the causes is that there is too much to do. We live at a time where we can have access to a lot of productions for relatively any money (compared to its production value). Before, people had to rent movies, so the need to see them completely was inherent. However, the entrance of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other services has generated an excess of supply, and some series and films become too popular at the same time. For example, the sixteen episodes of the Itaewon Class drama plus the twenty-six episodes of Kimetsu not Yaiba, plus around twenty hours of Marvel movies and other companies, simply leave people without enough time to see them completely ».

"Now, competition between platforms is not because of the number of programs, but for the free time of most viewers, which is quite reduced in general. Therefore, the tendency to look at the series and films at double speed has increased even among young people. For example, the thought of "I am very busy and I just want to see that series of which they speak so much my friends, so I will record it and I will look at double speed," or "I just need to know about the subject, so I'll look at some How many chapters and the rest I will read in Wikipedia, "have become new ways of" consuming "anime or films. Even on YouTube there are videos that explain full movies in a few minutes, which get hundreds of thousands of reproductions and that, obviously, are quite popular among young people »

Source: Gendai Ismedia

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