Genshin Impact: A girl spent more than 20 thousand dollars with her parents' card

Genshin Impact: A girl spent more than 20 thousand dollars with her parents' card

Mr. Lim Cheng Mong was perplexed when the Bank called him to tell him he had stopped paying more than $ 20,000 for an overdue credit card debt. "At first I thought they had been scammed, but the credit card company said that all the transactions were legitimate and that I could not do anything," said Lim, 56, who works as a product director in a German company. The trail of the billing led to the Grab's account of 18, linked to the credit card of it and destined to cover the transportation costs of it. But, without herself, the teenager had linked her electronic purse to a video game for smartphones called Genshin Impact and dedicated himself to spending for six weeks, from August to October, in purchases within the application to improve his gaming experience.

Genshin Impact: A girl spent more than 20 thousand dollars with her parents' card

"I scolded him and told him that it was a lot of money, the equivalent of one year of studies if he went to a foreign university," Lim told The Straits Times. "She spent the huge sum without blinking," she said. This type of stories of parents who disburse large sums to pay the invoices generated by the expenses of their children on the Internet are increasingly frequent, since more and younger are exposed to this type of transaction with the increase of digitalization. Companies that are dedicated to digital payments warn parents that they configure notifications on their electronic portfolios to monitor and be alerted from the expenses of their children.

The success of the Chinese Role and Fantasy Game Genshin Impact, which has won more than 2 billion US dollars since its launch in September 2020, has been marred by criticism on your purchasing system within the game. The award-winning open world video game is free, but progress is slow unless players buy real money improvements. Players can try their luck and buy random objects to improve their characters.

Mr. Lim's daughter, a student of an international baccalaureate school, spent up to $ 300 to buy these random objects. With every purchase, she hoped to get objects that will improve her experience, a mechanics that her father compared with the game. For this reason, Genshin Impact has been banned in countries such as Belgium, which consider the mechanics "gacha" of the game as a form of betting. "Gacha" is a Japanese word that refers to a vending machine that dispenses toys at random, normally contained in plastic capsules. This mechanics is used in other videogames such as FIFA and Star Wars Battlefront.

In the case of Mr. Lim, his daughter made payments through Apple's App Store and Coda Payments, an important online transaction platform. Attorney Lionel Tan, specialized in technology, media and telecommunications, said there is the possibility of canceling a transaction if a minor plays a game intended for adults, or if there are confusing statements in the application that induce a user to pay .

Mr. Lim's daughter has just turned the minimum age of 18 that allows you to hold contracts by itself, said Mr. Tan, by Rajah and Tann Singapore. He added that it is difficult to argue that she was not aware of having performed online shopping. He added that this type of incidents can be increasing as more services are scheduled. Some cases in which under 18 are involved have been resolved amicably because the child may not have understood the nature of the purchase, he said.

«It is also possible that the online site wishes to avoid negative advertising or the regulatory scrutiny that may fall on it," said Mr. Tan, who advised parents to be attentive to the activities of their children on the Internet and in the games. Mr. Lim has now recovered about $ 10,000 from the issuer bank of his credit card, which, according to him, was done by his goodwill.

Source: The New Paper

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