Genshin Impact Impresses With Anime Short

Genshin Impact Impresses With Anime Short

"Genshin Impact" premiered the previously announced animated short with a song by Hoyo-Mix and Aimer during a special Version 4.7 livestream. The animation, titled "The Road Not Taken," features the characters Aether, Lumine, Paimon, and Dainsleif and can be seen traveling through the nations of Teyvat.

  • "But, at least you're still somewhere in this world. The trail of a shooting star that once crossed the sky is now the untaken path by which I seek you."

The broadcast also announced the upcoming banners Clorinde and Alhaitham in the first half with the new 4-star character "Sethos, the Meter of Wisdom", while Sigewinne and Furina are in the second half. The next nation, Natlan, was introduced at the end of the live stream, showing dragon-like creatures and vishap roaming the region. Genshin Impact Version 4.7 is scheduled to be released on June 5.

Although the game's most recent animated short is beautiful and captivating, many fans are more concerned about the anime in the franchise that is currently being produced. At least, as far as fans know, it's still happening, as there has been virtually no more confirmed news since the anime's initial announcement in September 2022.

Genshin Impact Impresses With Anime Short

Likewise, fans' concern about the situation of anime is understandable, especially considering how beautiful animated shorts like "The Road Not Taken" are. In turn, this also explains why the discussion about anime is dominant immediately after the short's premiere; Its quality is of such high caliber that fans can't help but imagine what the supposed anime will look like in its final version.

It's important to mention that this short film was not produced by Ufotable, the studio that announced a long-term collaboration with the franchise nearly two years ago. Understandably, many on the internet are pouring flowers at the animated short while expressing their concern and hope for the state of anime production. Many others, however, go in one direction or another, seemingly unconcerned about any animation project they're not talking about.

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