Genshin Impact players are not happy with the new collaboration with Twitch

Genshin Impact players are not happy with the new collaboration with Twitch

Genshin Impact Finally will make available to all the players a previously exclusive glider from China, but now costs $ 10 in Twitch subscriptions instead of getting it by buying a bucket at the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). In March, China's Genshin Impact players were able to unlock the red and white glider, then called Wings of Feasting (banquet wings), buying a specific meal at their local Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and removing the included code. At that time, Mihoyo assured that he was looking to take the glider to other regions and announce a new method of acquisition at the end of July. After a few months, recently this accessory will finally make its world debut as part of a new collaboration with Twitch.

Genshin Impact players are not happy with the new collaboration with Twitch

As the developer company has explained in an update at its Official Forum, from November 25 to December 8, Genshin Impact players can unlock the glider by buying two-month (or equivalent) subscriptions to certain Twitch channels . The participating Streamers list will be shared next November 24. The prices of twitch subscriptions vary according to the region, and the first subscriptions have a 20% discount, but on average the glider would cost about 10 dollars.

There are some important details. First, renew the existing twitch subscriptions, give up anonymous subscriptions or subscribe free through Amazon Prime does not count for this promotion. You have to buy the individual Tits yourself, either by buying two new levels of level one, buying a tier of level two or level three (which cost 10 and 25 dollars, respectively), or (not anonymous) giving equivalent tangles . Second, you have to buy those subscriptions while that streamer is actively transmitting Genshin Impact, not while it is disconnected, although it is not totally clear how this will be traced. You also have to have a range of adventure 10 in the video game to redeem the code, but that should not be a problem, since anyone who is willing to pay for the accessory probably already has that level.

To anyone's surprise, this promotion has not sitting well apart from the community of Genshin Impact. On the one hand, if this glider was going to be linked to another purchase, some players say they would have preferred to buy something that could at least eat. On the other hand, users who do not like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) or live near one of the chicken premises are happy to get this glider anyway. It was never realistic to wait for players around the world to obtain this glider for free after Chinese players had to spend money on Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) - often making long queues or facing chicken resellers, yes They exist- but the acquisition method has bothered some people, and some say that a simple option of purchase within the game would have been better.

GENSHIN IMPACT is available on mobile devices, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC. The "version 2.2" of the videogame was launched globally on October 13, while "version 2.3" is scheduled to be released on November 24. The videogame celebrated its first anniversary on September 28, and recorded profits for more than 2 billion dollars in its first year. The application is also available in the QooAapp catalog on this link.

Description of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free open-world action role video game that takes players to Teyvat's visually dazzling world. The player assumes the role of the mysterious "traveler", which embarks on a trip to discover the destiny of the lost brother of him and reveals the mysterious secrets of Teyvat along the way. Currently, players can explore both Mondstadt and the port of Liyue, two of the seven main cities in Teyvat, each with cultures, stories and vast unique surrounding landscapes, and offer a diversity of creatures, monsters, secrets and hidden treasures for That the players discover them. As the game progresses, more cities, stories, characters and seasonal events will be launched.

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