Genshin Impact video game surpasses $ 245 million in earnings

Genshin Impact video game surpasses $ 245 million in earnings

The new figures for the power gains of the video game developed by miHoYo, Genshin Impact, have been published recently. Now that the delivery has been a month since its launch, Sensor Tower shared the estimated numbers of the iOS and Android iterations. According to the data collected, the mobile versions of Genshin impact alone have already accumulated around 245 million dollars just 30 days since its launch on September 28.

Genshin Impact video game surpasses $ 245 million in earnings

The context is important for the details, since the 245 million dollars in revenue would only have come from purchases within the video game, such as the money spent to obtain Wishes to get new weapons and characters. The estimated figure only took into account the mobile versions of the video game, and not those available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

On the other hand, the Sensor Tower data also analyzed which countries had contributed the most money and which mobile version generated the most revenue. According to the information, Chinese users accounted for about $ 82 million, Japanese for $ 59 million, and US users for a total of $ 45 million. The iOS version had slightly higher gross, and the information collected suggests that about $ 144 million came from iOS devices, while 101 million came from Android users.

This is the second update on the money the Genshin Impact video game has raised since its launch. On October 10, Niko Partners analyst Danile Ahmad estimated that earnings had already exceeded $ 100 million.

Genshin Impact Synopsis

In a world called Teyvat, certain individuals chosen by the gods are given "Vision", magical gems that give their bearers the ability to control an element. The player begins as a traveler of unknown origin searching for a lost relative, and can choose between a male or female avatar of the Traveler. As the adventure progresses, the player controls various other characters that the Traveler encounters during his or her career. journey, each with unique personalities and abilities, as they undertake missions to understand the truth behind the primordial gods of this world.

Source: Sensor Tower

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