Hensuki Light Novels Reveal Volume 12 Cover

Hensuki Light Novels Reveal Volume 12 Cover

On the official site for light novels written by Tomo Hanama and illustrated by Sune, Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka? (Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie?) The cover of the twelfth volume was revealed, which will be released in Japan on January 25.

Hensuki Light Novels Reveal Volume 12 Cover

Hanama and Sune began publishing the light novels in January 2017 through the MF Bunjo J imprint of Media Factory publisher. The publisher published the eleventh volume on September 25 in Japan. A manga adaptation by CHuN was published between November 2017 and December 2020, evidently ending before the original end of the play.

The play also inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by Geek Toys studios, directed by Itsuki Imazaki and scripts written by Kenichi Yamashita, released in July 2019. So far there are no indications about the production of a second season .

Synopsis by HenSuki

Regarding this, many guys, especially in adolescence, dream of having a girlfriend. Keiki Kiryuu is no exception. One hectic afternoon, his days of longing for a lover seem to come to an end when he receives a love letter from an anonymous sender, along with a pair of white panties. To determine the identity of his secret admirer, known as "Cinderella," He proceeds to investigate several possible candidates, including his senpai Sayuki Tokihara, his kouhai Yuika Koga, and his classmate Mao Nanjou. However, as Keiki seeks to discover who this mysterious girl could be, she will also discover the perverted fetishes that hide behind the innocent faces of each girl ...

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