Hololive: Kiryu Coco will retire in July

Hololive: Kiryu Coco will retire in July

Cover Corp, the company that manages the Virtual YouTube Agency Hololive Production, issued a statement announcing that Kiryu Coco "will graduate" (that is, will be withdrawn) from the agency as of July 1. According to the statement in English, it was pointed out: "We, as a company, saddened by their decision to leave, but after a lot of deliberation between both parties, we have decided to respect their wishes." On the other hand, Coco simply wrote on Twitter: "I keep positive! I have a great future waiting for me. Kiryuukai is immortal! ».

Hololive: Kiryu Coco will retire in July

Although its regular streaming activities will end up, the Kiryu Coconut Canal Membership and the exclusive content for members will continue to be available until September 30. Fans are encouraged to send emails and gifts before July 14.

On the other hand, Kiryu Coco is a virtual YouTuber belonging to the fourth generation of talents that debuted in December 2019. Although its main activities were conducted in Japanese, it speaks English fluently, so much as the section "Reviews of Reddit Memes" , in which he explained the memes in English to his Japanese viewers, they were a habitual characteristic of their channel.

In September 2020, it was suspended from the transmission activities for three weeks with Akai Haato due to "unauthorized comments" and "unauthorized disclosure of the analysis of the YouTube channel" that did in a live broadcast. These signs corresponded to both of them revealed their YouTube statistics, where mainland and Taiwan China appeared listed as separate nations.

Finally, COVER CORP was founded in 2016, and the first generation of Hololive Production debuted in 2018. More than fifty Virtual YouTubers currently belong to the Agency and Division Hololive English debuted in September 2020 with five new talents dedicated to the transmission of content for the English-speaking audience.

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