Hololive: Minato Aqua surpasses one million subscribers

Hololive: Minato Aqua surpasses one million subscribers

Through his official Twitter account, Hololive Production agency affiliate Virtual YouTuber Minato Aqua reported that he has surpassed one million subscribers on YouTube. "Today was a very happy day. Thanks again for a million followers and for making me trending number one. I'll keep doing my best from now on! ”Wrote the popular YouTuber.

Hololive: Minato Aqua surpasses one million subscribers

Minato Aqua is now the fifth member of the Hololive Production agency to reach one million subscribers on YouTube, after Usada Pekora, the fourth member, accomplished the feat in early December 2020. Behind Aqua comes Houshou Marine, who At the time of writing, it already has 976 thousand subscribers. It is worth mentioning that Gawr Gura, the member of Hololive Production and the first to reach one million subscribers, is already close to the goal of two million, with 1.94 billion subscribers to date.

About Minato Aqua

She is a Virtual YouTuber affiliated with the representation agency Hololive Production, managed by Cover Corp., and a member of the second generation of talents in the company of Murasaki Shion Nakiri Ayame, Yuzuki Choco and Oozora Subaru. Based on her description, Aqua is an airhead who somehow manages to become the victim of all the pranks she gets into.

She has a childish demeanor and is prone to throwing tantrums, breaking her keyboard, and hyperventilating when things don't go according to plan (according to her, all the time). Aqua enjoys teasing and causing mischief, but she almost always backfires due to her bad planning and bad luck.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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