Hololive Production reveals the first look at the next video game HoloAarth

Hololive Production reveals the first look at the next video game HoloAarth

Cover Corp revealed the gameplay-prototype for his next survival Sandbox video game, HoloAarth. This videogame is part of the multimedia Hololive Alternative project, announced in February of this year, which began with the serialization of derivative sleeves and short stories based on Virtual YouTubers of Hololive Production.

While the girls have had shares in other videogames, it should be noted that this account with the total participation of COVER Corp as a company. HoloAarth was previously announced as "a metaverse project", that is, a virtual space created from scratch. This metaverse would bring with it a variety of sub-projects, including a communications lobby, a system for creating avatars and a Sandbox video game. The last promises fans combats cons be monsters, construction of homes and "a different story for each player".

Hololive Production reveals the first look at the next video game HoloAarth

All these projects would become a single long-term project, and the service would be available only for PC in its initial stages, although the support for mobile devices seems to be the first priority after this. All this, assured the first statement, would take about one or two years of development, including alpha tests, beta tests and anticipated access tests.

Now the first Gameplay prototype of HoloAarth has arrived, although the functionality shown has been minimal. Virtual YouTubers Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio and the Director of Content A-Chan. During the transmission it was commented that a prototype at this stage is rarely shown in the culture of videogame developers, especially because the graphics are not entirely worked. Even so, the development team hopes to receive comments and criticism at the early stage to form the project management.

Faithful to the original description, the game seems to be a kind of Sandbox survival video game (popular among the streamers such as Hololive Production Girls), in a natural open world with fantasy elements such as mysterious structures and monsters as Slim. Apparently, players can collect land resources and the enemies defeated to manufacture, and cook food while camping to cure their wounds. Players can also build buildings, use emits to express themselves (including break-dance), and a way photography.

The final product promises to have more areas and creatures, a cooking system, a system of skills and more features. You are also taking suggestions and features of the comments on Twitter and YouTube, along with requests to work on the project. The video in question is available below, and you can activate the subtitles in English from the options of the YouTube player.

Source: YouTube.

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