HONKAI IMPACT 3RD Cancels your Bunny Suits Event for considering it 'inappropriate'

HONKAI IMPACT 3RD Cancels your Bunny Suits Event for considering it 'inappropriate'

The game for Honkai Impact 3RD smartphones recently suffered a sudden change by removing the Skins of Bunny Costumes from the characters when considering them "inappropriate and out of context", despite the fact that the delivery has other outfits equal or more erotic.

Originally scheduled to celebrate the third anniversary of delivery, the great variety of videogame girls received outbursts with bunny costumes and the characters achieved access to a variety of thematic missions. Some videos originally published by the development team (which are now being deleted) were republished on YouTube.

The Mihoyo developer issued a statement through Twitter explaining the situation behind the decision:

"Dear captains. We recently received comments about the third anniversary event and promotional videos that included the girls wearing bunny costumes and performing dance movements out of context and inappropriate. We apologize for these inconveniences. We repeat any content related to this event and we will cancel the scheduled counts. The design within the game of Yae Sakura: Peaches (B) will also be adjusted. We lamented a lot that they have passed through this refusal experience, and we will compensate for each level 9 or higher captain on the global server with 500 crystals. The crystals will be delivered on April 23, and the message will expire on May 7.While we continue to regret our decisions, we promise to safeguard the quality of our content with higher standards to ensure that a similar situation is not repeated in the future. In the future, we will dedicate our efforts to improve the game experience with more exciting and diverse content, creating a healthy atmosphere where everyone can have fun. We hope that you captains keep supporting Honkai Impact 3RD! ».

Negative reactions did not wait for the comments of the publication:

  • "Social justiciers ruining the fun of most again. Where can you download the original video? ».
  • "Context: This was mainly promoted by Chinese players because Fu Hua, who represents China, was shown with a bunny costume. Something similar to those of Zhongli ».
  • «Ok, then why does the Global Server receive 500 crystals while China's server receives 10 supply cards when this did not affect them?».
  • «Hey, Honkai Equipment Impact. I do not know if they have noticed, but the bunny suits are something very common in video games like Fate / Grand Order, Girls Frontline and Azur Lane ».
  • "I'm pretty disappointed by this. This was by the third anniversary of the global server, not any Random event. The players of the global version deserve something good and the bunny suits were perfect after a long time of not having their own events. "
  • «Mihoyo, seriously did you make modifications to the global version, for complaints from China?! And are you even compensating for the damage to them?! I do not get it".
  • "Congratulations, they sacrificed a great effort to please the minority. The global server received his middle finger and lost his event. "

Source: Official Twitter Account

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