How much money did you pay the voice actors of Kimetsu not Yaiba: Mugen RESSHA-HEN?

How much money did you pay the voice actors of Kimetsu not Yaiba: Mugen RESSHA-HEN?

Launched in October 2020, the movie Kimetsu not Yaiba: Mugen RESSHA-HEN has broken recorded records accumulated at the box office with more than 39 billion yen (until March 29). The success of the feature film has also been transported to its derivative merchandise, becoming a social phenomenon and selling products "as hot bread".

How much money did you pay the voice actors of Kimetsu not Yaiba: Mugen RESSHA-HEN?

However, what do you earn voice actors involved with all this success? When Natsuki Hanae, the voice of the Tanjirou Kamado protagonist, was presented at the Shabekuri Program 007 transmitted at the Nippon Television Network at the end of last year and asked about her salary, Hanae responded with a smile and said "nothing".

It was muffled by a beep in the air, but when the surprised presenters asked him about it, he replied: "As you progress in your career, your rank increases. I have always been the lowest range ». Why are the voice actors paid the lowest salaries even if they appear in tighteous films that beat box office records? The Japanese portal Livedoor News interviewed some of the people involved and current voice actors to obtain more information about the salary situation of voice actors.

"As the hanae-san said, voice actors have ranges," said a producer who has worked on multiple animated productions. "In the case of being a member of an affiliated agency, the first three years of employment are considered" Junior Range ". The salary is fixed to 15,000 yen per film, that is, around 144 dollars. Even if the actor is selected for a leading role, he will receive that amount, the same of a secondary actor or even one filling (as a passer-by), regardless of the number of lines he occupies ".

"I do not know the range that Hanae-san has in the industry, but given his comment, he is surely in the range of 15,000 yen," the producer continued in his comment. "Even if a project becomes a great success, the voice actors involved in their production will not receive anything from the profits. However, it is a production of the size of Kimetsu not Yaiba: Mugen RESSHA-HEN, voice actors can get royalties to be presented in other programs, as well as sales of products that use their voices, not just their characters. "

How much money did you pay the voice actors of Kimetsu not Yaiba: Mugen RESSHA-HEN?

"Based on current employment laws and assuming that HANAE-SAN is in the lowest range of wages, its gain by Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen RESSHA-HEN would be calculated at approximately 86,250 yen, which equals around $ 830. If we extrapolate the ranges, there is not much difference between the salaries of Hanae, who played the protagonist Tanjirou Kamado, and Akari Kitou-san, who played Nezuko Kamado with a considerably smaller number of lines. "

«There are many cases where the ranges difference considerably changes the salary gap, depending on the agreements of your agency or there are even cases where the voice actors personally fall in rank so that their salaries are adjusted to what the contracting company can Offer (and expand your chances of hiring on other projects), so it is very difficult to keep knowledge of what range each voice actor is in the industry ».

The producer also commented on the videogame industry: "Recently, however, the work of voice actors is going through a change. To become a popular voice actor, you need skills, for your position, but some voice actors like Yuki Kaji start your own companies and projects like Love Live! and 22/7 not only are limited to voice acting, but they expand their commercial turns. "

"As a recent trend, there have been cases where the videogame industry offers better salaries than the anime industry». In this regard, a voice actor of the industry commented: "Depending if the period of use of your voice is fixed or extended, you could receive royalties without having to do anything else. There are many jobs to play characters in videogames. In this industry, salaries range from some thousands of yen for a complete work, or even up to 100 yen per word (with each line with an average of twenty), although the latter is applied in projects with extensive dialogues. "

Source: Livedoor News

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