Idol fan arrested for threatening to blow up a building

Idol fan arrested for threatening to blow up a building

When taking out the garbage in Japan, you should always be aware that what you are taking out will be incinerated. One reason for this is Japan's complex recyclables sorting system, which requires residents to sort their glass, plastic, metal, and paper items separately. The other reason, however, is that once you take out something like incinerable trash, there is probably no hope of getting it back. As an example of the latter, consider the case of Takehiro Tsutsumi, a 45-year-old female idol fan who lives in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Idol fan arrested for threatening to blow up a building

Like many idol fans, Tsutsumi buys merchandise from the artists she admires, but in early October she threw away a t-shirt from one of her favorite groups, which was cremated the same day, only to later try to get it back. He managed to deduce that the incinerable rubbish from his home was taken to an incineration center in the Nishiyodogawa district of Osaka city, so he contacted the facilities and told them: “I want you to return the shirt of the group of idols that I threw away. Unfortunately for Tsutsumi, the staff at the incineration center had been, as always, doing their jobs efficiently, so his shirt was now nothing but smoke and ash, so the center informed him that it was not possible to return it.

In contrast to the rapid incineration, Tsutsumi's anger simmered for the next several weeks. Finally, on December 1, he took to social media, but not to ask the group to re-launch the shirts or to see if he could get any to use, but with a message that read: “The Nishiyodogawa Incineration Center will explode in two hours". Perhaps there would have been a time when the message would have been dismissed as the mindless chatter of an internet troll, but the atmosphere since the Kyoto Animation arson attack has raised the levels of caution across Japan, so the installation she was evacuated immediately.

The subsequent investigation led authorities to Tsutsumi, and although the lack of explosives found at the facility suggests that the idol fans had made a false threat, he was arrested on charges of forced obstruction of business activities on Monday. So far, it is still unclear why Tsutsumi went from throwing away his shirt to trying to retrieve it with such fervor as to make a terrorist threat, anyway, his stupidity at times of high tension in Japan will probably make him think twice about Anyone trying to get too smart next time.

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