Jack Jeanne video game reveals new promo videos

Jack Jeanne video game reveals new promo videos

The next video game that features the participation of renowned Sui Ishida author, Jack Jeanne, could not escape the series of delays that plagued productions in 2020, however, there is still a lot of promotional material to be revealed. As such, the creator of the popular Tokyo Ghoul franchise has been revealing information about the project recently, with the most recent installment consisting of a series of promotional videos for all four classes.

Jack Jeanne video game reveals new promo videos

The four trailers feature Kisa and the many other students at the school, divided into four classes. Each student is also classified according to the types of roles that she performs. The "Jacks" are best rated for male roles, while the "Jeannes" are rated for female roles. The students who play male and female lead roles are named “Jack Ace” and “Arjeanne” respectively. However, Kisa is a rare student who could become a "Jack Jeanne" suitable for any role.

Finally, the release is scheduled for March 18 in Japan, after being delayed from its original date scheduled for December 3, which, in fact, was its second postponement. On the other hand, Ishida participates in the project as original creator, character designer, world designer, illustrator and lyricist of the main theme music, while Broccoli is in charge of distribution.

The installment will feature both visual novel and rhythm game elements, and will focus on a drama school. The company previously stated that the game will include "a plot equivalent to twenty novels," and the entire game will feature voice acting.

Cast of voices

  • Jun Kasama as Kai Mutsumi.
  • Takayuki Kondou as Sarafumi Takashina.
  • Daisuke Kishio as Kokuto Neji.
  • Yuka Terasaki as Kisa Tachibana.
  • Gen Sato as Soshiro Yonaga.
  • Gakuto Kajiwara as Mitsuki Shirota.
  • Yuuma Uchida as Suzu Orimaki.

Jack Jeanne Synopsis

The story centers on the protagonist Kisa Tachibana, a girl who had abandoned her career in the theater but who receives an invitation to enlist in the “Univers Drama School”, an elite theater school for male actors, where students perform Both female (known as “Jeanne”) and male (known as “Jack”) roles. However, to keep her enrollment active, Tachibana must land a leading role in a school play before the year is out, and improve her skills theatrical at exuberant levels, since he can't let anyone know he's a girl.

Source: Gematsu

(c) Sui Ishida / BROCCOLI

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