Japan: An artist details a dark side in the voice acting industry

Japan: An artist details a dark side in the voice acting industry

The Yahoo! Portal News Japan published an extensive article entitled "Forced relations in the entertainment industry. A problem that has been extended to the infamous voice action industry and the world of YouTubers », where a situation that is lived by intermediaries and talents within the voice acting industry was described in Japan.

Japan: An artist details a dark side in the voice acting industry

«(Omissions throughout the article to reduce extension) The model Marie (マリエ) of 33 years is currently the center of attention. On April 4, during a live broadcast, Marie accused Shinsuke Shimada (65) of having requested sexual favors when he was a minor. She in the transmission of her also mentioned the Tetsurou DeGawa comedians (57 years old) and Go Nakamura (46 years old), of a renowned Japanese comedy duo. "

«While rumors that female talents in the entertainment industry are sometimes sexually satisfied those responsible for representing them are the daily bread, it seems that the voice acting industry has also been disclosed in this regard recently . »

"In the background, circumstances are particularly different in the voice acting industry. Although it is not of common knowledge, in the voice acting industry there is a company that acts as an intermediary. This company serves as a link between the agency that represents the actor or actress of voice and the anime production company in which it is seeking to participate, so it has a total faculty of establishing the rights of the cast and its salaries. Thus, they are in a much higher position than the voice actors themselves. Even today, it is very common for the executives of these intermediary companies to demand the actors or the actresses of voice to grant sexual favors in exchange for benefits in their contracts. "

Japan: An artist details a dark side in the voice acting industry

"The number of applicants to new talents in voice acting continues to increase due to the boom in the industry, but only a handful of people manage to stay active. It is known that atrocious practices are now more abundant, taking advantage of the enthusiasm of young talents that want to increase their chances of success in an increasingly aggressive industry. A person in the middle commented on a talent of this industry that was involved in a very popular anime, as well as in a film based on this anime. "

«" When I worked on an anime project for television, the president of the Liaison Company told me: "A XX (name of the person mentioned) is doing quite well for his 'physical merits'. Do not you think he is letting himself be too long to get money despite becoming practically a slave? '"He told me. On the other hand, this situation has also lengthened the world of YouTubers, a popular profession currently among young people. Certain marketing representatives usually propose to these talents shame: "I will fix a collaboration with a famous YouTuber," and later request some "favor" in return, which can even be sexual. On one occasion, a YouTuber revealed that she offered this deal in exchange for increasing the number of subscribers of her ».

Source: Yahoo! News Japan.

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