Japan: Feminists explode against Virtual YouTuber lynca Tojoou

Japan: Feminists explode against Virtual YouTuber lynca Tojoou

The Chiba Prefecture Police Department, specifically the staff of the Higashi-Matsudo station, made a special video in collaboration with the Virtual YouTuber lynca Tojoou on road safety. However, this video was withdrawn after complaints were received by the ACER (Alliance of Representatives of Feminism) in Japan and Feminists in general.

Virtual YouTuber commented on this: "Everyone was so happy with the video ... I am very sorry! I was very happy to help the city as it could and be able to publicize the Rules of Cycling. Vase told us that the video will upload on your channel on YouTube and keep it there. Even so, let's continue promoting road safety with all! "

The situation was reported by the user of Twitter Romly, who is characterized by sharing controversies related to the culture of manga and anime or, in this case, of virtual youtubers. In fact, he shared the statement issued by the VTuber's representative agency, where he wrote: "It is frustrating that it has been eliminated only by the complaints of feminists, who say:" You see the navel. " "His chest of her trembles when she moves." "His skirt of her is too short." "That's missogen," "I frustrate that you do not look at the true purpose." "Police, talents, staff, artists ... do not judge our feelings and efforts only for appearance." "It's the discrimination of women, right? Am I, who decided to go with this model, being misogyn? "».

In fact, the statement issued by the group of feminists is also available on Twitter, and some outstanding fragments write: "We strongly protest against the Chiba police and the Matsudo police who used VTuber lynca toujou in the public relations video and We demand that you apologize, stop using the video and erase it. This video is representing a girl as a sexual object and fostering discrimination and habit based on the stereotyped roles of women ».

"This virtual youtuber, called lynca toujou, takes a top of sailor style and quite short, showing his navel and his stomach. The big breasts of her are stirred when she moves. The bottom of it is an extremely short skirt, prints that she is a high school student and is drawn as a sexual object and emphasizing it. "

"It should never happen that the police, who is a public service, use an anime character who is representing girls as sexual objects. Use a character that draws a girl as a sexual object is even provoking sexual offenses. We demand an answer on how the recruitment decision was made, and also an answer on which is the gender perspective of the representatives of the forces of order. Please respond by document until September 10. Regardless of your response or not, we will broadly publish this issue ».

Source: Twitter account

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