Japanese disappointed with Oshi no Ko

Japanese disappointed with Oshi no Ko

As previously reported, the most recent episode of "Oshi no Ko" trended as it presented an internal dilemma of protagonist Aqua Hoshino. In this new installment, Aqua is questioned by Goro Amemiya, his past life, about whether to continue with his plans for revenge and carry out the murder of his father.

Japanese disappointed with Oshi no Ko

In this new installment, Aqua questions whether it's worth continuing with the plan and practically ruining her life forever, or simply uncovering the truth about her murderous father and continuing to live her life with the girl she loves. In this same chapter it is finally revealed that the girl Aqua loves is Kana Arima, the girl genius actress. This brought the conclusion of all shippeo wars by naming an outright winner (at least for the time being), but it also drew criticism from the conglomerate of fans in Japan.

  • "This manga is over for me."
  • "It's been long and eventually unpleasant, but at least this story is about to end."
  • "With these scenes, everything that has happened to date has lost its meaning."
  • "Isn't this a death flag for Kana Arima?"
  • "Even if Goro goes missing, that doesn't take away from the fact that Aqua's mother, his current life, was murdered and he knows who the culprit is. It doesn't make sense that when Goro disappears, so does the desire for revenge."
  • "Aqua will probably die. In the end, Kana Arima will end up with Akane Kurokawa."
  • "It would be great if Aqua died and met Ai in the other world."
  • "And since when were Aqua and Goro two different personalities? They got that development out of their asses, I'm sure."
  • "I honestly can't empathize with Aqua because she was talking about revenge all the time and now it turns out she has feelings."
  • "I thought Kana's statement would be the high point of this play, but really the story started to wane a lot of times."
  • "This is where things finally get interesting. I wondered ever since they started shooting the movie if the manga had lost its initial direction."
  • "Why is the author so beloved within the industry? Didn't that also make a shitty ending in Kaguya-sama?"
  • "And all of a sudden Aqua now has a split personality? What the fuck is going on with Oshi no Ko?"
  • "It's the same path as Kaguya-sama, sadly we're getting closer to a shitty final arc."
  • "I feel sad when I think that Ai Hoshino's original baby, the one that was originally going to be born, is now in limbo."
  • "If Goro disappears, Sarina should too. It's normal, isn't it?"
  • "Let's just get to an end where all the girls win, and that's it."
  • "We finally have all the backstories of all the characters, except the father. I would like the work to be finished soon."
  • "Kana-chan has also woken up, forgotten his plans for revenge, and the story is now a romantic comedy."

Source: Yaraon!