Japanese 'harassed' to artists who do erotic illustrations of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Japanese 'harassed' to artists who do erotic illustrations of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Recently it has become general knowledge among the fans of the Uma Musume franchise: Pretty Derby that performing erotic illustrations with the characters is "a taboo", because the artist would be affecting the reputation not only of the character, but the horse in life Real representing, which could bring serious problems in Japan.

Japanese 'harassed' to artists who do erotic illustrations of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

With this concept, it is possible to enter into details regarding a recent controversy. When you talk about an illustrator being harassed due to a drawing he did, one immediately thinks of Westerners harassing a Japanese artist, however, on this occasion the opposite occurred. The artist with the name Loliphilosophy published an erotic illustration of the franchise, and received different comments by Japanese users, highlighting one that he shared on Twitter.

«This illustration violates the term Uma Musume's use: Pretty Derby. I will report it to Pixiv, "wrote the user. "I do not live in Japan, so I'm not afraid of the Yakuza. The right to see sensual horse girls is a human right, so I must contribute, "the artist replied.

The data was also shared by an account on Twitter, who wrote: "In each erotic illustration of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby in Pixiv there is a war of comments with Japanese users who report and demand foreign artists to eliminate their illustration. As a non-Japanese artist, I notice that it is our moral "desecrate" all the girls. "

The screenshots show comments such as:

  • "Please refer to the official Cygames statement about the production of Fan-Art illustrations».
  • «I have reported this given that it violates the terms of use of UMA MUSUME: Pretty Derby».
  • "Reported".
  • "The use of this franchise in illustrations R18 is prohibited according to the terms".
  • "I have reported this, for the time being."

The user also added something more context to understand the situation: "The girls are based on real-life horses, and the owners of these racing horses do not want erotic illustrations of these, because it will affect their reputation and its value in the market. For this reason, the franchise banned any erotic fan-art illustration based on girls. Since the Japanese are obsessed with this, so they are doing all this ».

A Japanese account shared more context of the situation, citing a publication that was already eliminated to date: "It is hilarious that some western themselves believe that people do not want to be realized erotic illustrations of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby for fear of the Yakuza . It is obvious that they have seen too many films on the subject and can not distinguish between fiction and reality, like all those social justicians and Internet feminists. "


In a world very similar to ours, the great racing horses of the past received the opportunity to be reborn as "Uma Musume", girls with the ears and tail of a horse, but also have their speed and resistance. The best of these girls have the privilege of studying at the Academy tracen in Tokyo, hoping to obtain fame and fortune being both running and Idols. Special Week, is a girl-horse high school student in a small town, who has just been transferred to Tracen, and is determined to fulfill her promise with her mother from becoming Japan's best horse-horse.

Source: Twitter

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