Kagurabachi is the hope of the Shonen Jump

Kagurabachi is the hope of the Shonen Jump

When people think of Weekly Shonen Jump, the titles that immediately come to mind are probably well-established hits like "My Hero Academia," "One Piece," or "Dragon Ball." Japanese publisher Shueisha has recently revealed which series it believes will keep the next generation of Shonen Jump readers.

Kagurabachi is the hope of the Shonen Jump

Recently, a popular Japanese TV show called Manganuma focused on Takeru Hokasono's "Kagurabachi," a new action manga that began publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in September 2023. According to the hosts of Manganuma, Kawashima, and Yamauchi, "Kagurabachi" has already become a huge hit with readers, leading it to be listed on the list of Animate bookstores' most recommended titles in 2024.

Kawashima and Yamauchi also recalled a conversation with a representative of Shueisha that reflects the publisher's high hopes for the series. "They [Shueisha's employee] said they wanted Kagurabachi to carry the next generation of the Shonen Jump," the TV hosts recounted.

While many Shonen Jump heroes are primarily motivated by a desire to protect others or the drive to become stronger, "Kagurabachi" is mostly a story of revenge. The plot revolves around a young man named Chihiro Rokuhira who spends most of his youth training to become a famous blacksmith like his father, Kunishige. However, Chihiro's healthy ambitions are shattered the day her father is brutally murdered. From that day on, his new mission is to avenge his father by hunting down the murderer.

Despite the dark premise of "Kagurabachi" (or perhaps partly because of it), the series has garnered a huge following both nationally and internationally. Although the series currently has only one volume, it already has more than 200,000 copies in circulation worldwide, including both physical and digital sales of the manga. According to Manganuma, copies of "Kagurabachi" have practically flown off the shelves of Japanese bookstores, indicating a craze that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. "It's incredibly popular. It's so popular that the volumes have sold out in an instant."

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