Laplacian explained that censorship in Cyanotype Daydream was by Steam's directives

Laplacian explained that censorship in Cyanotype Daydream was by Steam's directives

In February of this year the Laplacian developer will globally launch the visual novel Cyanotype Daydream (The Girl Who Dreamed The World) through Steam. However, this global edition will be "for all ages", so obviously a large amount of the original video game will be omitted. The players were already aware of this, but what caught the attention was to eliminate the "school uniforms sailor" and the age of the characters. In a recent communiqué it was revealed that this was to "satisfy Steam's requirements".

«I am Ono Wasabi, a controversy creator. Today I would like to talk about the changes and additions made for the Steam version of "Cyanotype Daydream". I will explain how we have reached the decision to make the changes in the clothes and the age of Rhin who have raised many English-speaking fans "in weapons". First, "Cyanotype Daydream" will be available in three languages: Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese. This version of the game is classified for all ages, so there are naturally there are some scenes that have been cut. I do not think they need us to tell them what scenes are, right? However, what I want to highlight here is that, although certain representations have been cut, the essence of history remains the same. In addition, the additional new content amount far exceeds what was cut. I, Ono Wasabi, I am the only person responsible for the plot and writing of "Cyanotype Daydream". From the beginning, I designed the story taking into account the possibility of a version for all audiences, and for that reason I wrote it so that any cut-out to adjust to this new classification will not affect the general narrative experience. "

«In general terms," ​​Cyanotype Daydream "is a love story. Sexual expression is part of the infatuation. Therefore, we have not eliminated from the game all references to sex. Although the way of representing such sexual expression is different in this new version, the flow of history is the same. I want those who approach "Cyanotype Daydream" without knowing the original Japanese version know this. (...) You may be throwing me roses myself, but I think the additions go beyond a simple work of portrayed. Also, we are making a new song and CGS for trailer. We have dedicated so much work to this new content that sometimes even questions if it was really necessary. In this sense, I think it is better to think about this as a new remake of "cyanotype daydream" instead of a port / localization of the original ».

«(...) Finally, I'm going to talk about the changes in the Rhine costume, that so much consternation have caused between the English scene. To go to the grain, the purpose of this change was to make sure that the game will pass the Steam review. However, in the end we only proceeded to this change because we were sure that it would not affect history. As I am sure that some of you know, if Steam decides that your game contains "sexual exploitation" of minor characters, you do not have a second chance to present your game. Currently, there are no other sales platforms that rival the Steam scale and its user base ».

"Of course, I understand that age and clothing style of a character can greatly affect the environment of a story. I think I can say that I have a deeper and deepest knowledge of my own story than any other person. Even so, we made these changes because in the end we decided that they would not affect history in general. If you think about the character of Rin in the game, you can even reason why he does not have a uniform. After all, the schools of the underground city do not have uniforms. If you have already played the game, I think you will understand. The reason we chose the uniform for Rhin in the first place was a bit of Fan-Service for those who have been with us from the beginning; It is the uniform of the academy in the first title of LaPlacian. The theme of CASE-1 is the "forbidden love" and, of course, a school uniform helps evoke that sensation of naive immaturity. But in the great scheme of the game, that topic is only a smaller aspect of the role that Case-1 ultimately performs. As a small company, we could not give up publishing the game in Steam for this only aspect. Even so, the essential theme of a morally taboo romance does not change. As I have already said many times: this does not affect the core of history. "

Synopsis of Cyanotype Daydream

This is the story of the girl who dreamed the world. A history of pure love that uses the medium of visual novels to tell her story in a unique and unforgettable way. After receiving overwhelmingly good reviews in Japan, Laplacian is now proud to take this touching story to his fans around the world through Steam. This is the story of a man and a woman, or rather ... The story of three couples of men and women, whose stories will be selected at random once you start the game.

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