LiSA disagreed at first with being an anison singer

LiSA disagreed at first with being an anison singer

The Japanese portal JPrime published an article with the title "LiSA, who performs the main musical theme of" Kimetsu no Yaiba ", and her eve in the conflict of" I do not want to be called an anison singer "", where the singer LiSA's early career and her refusal to become an anison singer at first.

LiSA disagreed at first with being an anison singer

“(Omission) LiSA came to Tokyo at the age of 21 and since before she had been participating as a vocalist in a wide variety of bands, usually of the punk genre. A turning point in her life came when she was selected as a vocalist in the band "Girls Dead Monster" from the original anime "Angel Beats!" And then made her debut as a solo singer under the name LiSA.

“'Even though she was selected by a record company, she came from a rock band and was a rock singer, so I didn't think the idea sounded right. At that time the company told him “Why don't you interpret an insert song in an anime?”, And it went down in history as a memorable moment, since LiSA replied: “It is not the type of music that I would like to make. At first she was proud, and I agreed with her decision, "commented a source, a member of the company's team at the time."

Another industry source commented: 'She really wanted to be a rock singer and was a fan of Avril Lavigne. Long before "Gurenge" and Kimetsu no Yaiba, she was already quite successful and perhaps she had already reconsidered her words back then. Sometimes, at the beginning of it all, I heard her say to her closest colleagues "I don't want to be called an anison singer" and "Sometimes I wonder if I should go on." It seems that she did not try to hide her slight discontent during her first interviews. I wonder, is he still thinking the same?

Source: JPrime