LiSA's 'LEO-NiNE' album swept sales on its first day

LiSA's 'LEO-NiNE' album swept sales on its first day

The Oricon website updated the daily music album sales rankings for October 13 in Japan, revealing that singer LiSA's new album, titled “LEO-NiNE,” dominated the list with an estimated 30,564 copies sold in Japan. your first day.

LiSA's 'LEO-NiNE' album swept sales on its first day 1603383774 LiSA's 'LEO-NiNE' album swept sales on its first day 1603383775

The list with the top ten places included:

  1. “LEO-NiNE” por LiSA: 30,564 copias vendidas.
  2. “TOKYO SINGING” por Wagakki Band: 13,903 copias vendidas.
  3. “DOSCO prime” por DREAMS COME TRUE: 3,929 copias vendidas.
  4. “Seiseiruten” por Kiyoshi Hikawa.
  5. STARGAZER por Daisuke Ono.
  6. “Eien Yori Nagai Isshun: Ano Koro, Tashika ni Sonzaishita Watashitachi” por Keyakizaka46.
  7. “Renai Shousetsu 3 ~ You & Me” por Tomoyo Harada.
  8. “DREAM CATCHER 3 ~ Dorika Music MIX COMPILATION” por S+ AKS feat. Dosco DJ ALL STARS.
  9. “SING for ONE ~ Minna to Tsunagaru. Ashita e Tsunagaru” por varios artistas.
  10. “Gimme Some Truth” por John Lennon (relanzamiento).

Being the singer's fifth music album, “LEO-NiNE” is priced at 5,500 yen (approximately $ 53) and includes a total of 14 songs by the artist, including her most recent singles such as “Akai Wana / ADAMAS” and “Gurenge” (15th single ”, as well as his most recent digital single entitled“ Aijou ”, which is being used for the live-action series 13.

On the other hand, the single “Homura” was also released on October 14 in Japan, and so far it has been reported that it already dominates in more than 50 digital distributor lists, however, individual sales of the distributor have not yet been recorded. physical formats.

About LiSA

She is a singer, writer and lyricist born in Gifu prefecture in 1987. The singer works under the Sacra Music label of Sony Music Artists. After aspiring to become a singer very early in her life, she began her musical career as the lead singer of the indie band Chucky. After the band's separation in 2005, LiSA moved to Tokyo to begin her solo career, making her debut in 2010 singing on the Angel Beats! Series. as one of the two vocalists of the band "Girls Dead Monster".

LiSA's songs have been used for multiple animation series, notably Fate / Zero, Sword Art Online, and Kimetsu no Yaiba. Their singles regularly dominate Oricon's top downloads, with "Crossing Field" receiving a platinum certification and "Oath Sign" receiving a gold certification.

Source: Oricon


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