Love Live! Sunshine !!: Aqours launches its first live-action video

Love Live! Sunshine !!: Aqours launches its first live-action video

As previously announced, the Multimedia Love Live franchise! He had announced that the Love Live project! Sunshine !! He would have his first Live-Action promotional video with the voice actresses of the Aqours Group. This video was finally published, and has the musical theme "Dreamy Color".

This video promotes the "WE ARE Challengers Project", a project that also includes the launch of a CD as part of the recently opened "Aqours Club 2021". This CD will include the main musical theme of the project and the Live-Action promotional video. Previously, it had also been announced that the magazine Genjitsu not Yohane: Sunshine in the Mirror would have an expansion.

On the other hand, Love Live! Sunshine !! It was an original anime produced by Sunrise studies under the direction of Kazuo Sakai. The first season of thirteen episodes was released in July 2016, followed by a second season of thirteen episodes in October 2017. Subsequently, the feature film LOVE was produced! Sunshine !! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow, which was released in Japan in January 2019.

Synopsis of Love Live! Sunshine !!

Chika Takami, a normal self-proclaimed girl, has never been involved in any club and lacked remarkable talents. However, after a visit to Tokyo, she discovers a scenario in which even a common girl like she could shine: The world of school Idols. Inspired by μ 's, the ex-group of Idols School, Chika is determined to start the Idols Club of it in the hometown of her by the sea, at the Uranohoshi Academy. But even before gathering students to join the group, the aspiring Idol discovers that the greatest obstacle of it is the president of the Student Council, Dia Kurosawa, who strongly opposes the creation of the club.

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