Meet the phenomenon of 'Opening deceptive' in the anime industry

Meet the phenomenon of 'Opening deceptive' in the anime industry

The Japanese Portal Magmix published an article by pointing out the phenomenon of the "deceptive opening", that is, opening sequences that little or nothing have to do with the real content of the history of the series. The article presents three examples of this phenomenon, and invites readers to share their own experiences.

Meet the phenomenon of 'Opening deceptive' in the anime industry

«The opening sequence (Opening) of an animation is an important element at the beginning of the work, which can influence the impression of the viewer on the work, but there are some works in which the content of the opening does not match that of The main work, what is known as "deceptive Opening". For example, the anime "Grand Blue", which was issued since July 2018, is one of the works that was called "Opening deceptive". It is based on the sleeve of the same name, which has sold more than 5.55 million copies around the world, and in August 2020 a Live-Action film was premiered by Ryo Ryusei. "

"What is Grand Blue about? In short, it is a story of maturity about a college diving club. Opening also shows a series of refreshing scenes, such as the blue sea and the fantastic submarine landscape. If you look at the main story, it is actually a comedy anime without clothes, full of drink and silly laughter. Diving is a bit in the background, and there are more scenes from the protagonists drinking than swimming in the beautiful sea. "

"There are more animes with a deceptive opening. "Asobi Asobase" is an anime of everyday life about three high school girls who belong to a "group study group". The opening sequence shows Olivia, a beautiful blonde girl, Kasumi, a girl with glasses, and Hanako, a girl with pigtails, taking well together, and the cute video makes it hard to believe that this is a deceptive anime. "

"However, unlike the innocent image of the opening sequence, what is developed in the film is a parade of comic situations where girls are all less cute in most of the time. In addition, each of the three characters has the peculiarities of it, like a pretty girl with malodorous armpits, or a student of honor with devastating academic results. Even in comments forums it was a discussion issue at the time. "

«The anime" Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko (Narutaru) ", ​​written by Mohiro Kitoh, is no less shocking. The title is, in fact, an abbreviation of the sinister sound phrase (coined by the author), although many people can be confused by the beautiful sound of "narutaru". "

«When you really see it, you will see that the content is quite brutal compared to the opening sequence that includes a catchy song. However, if you look carefully at opening, you can see that there are some elements that refer to a darker story, so if you are interested, please, take a look at. " What other Animes have opening sequences that do not match the real content of the story?

Source: magmix.

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