My Deer Friend Nokotan continues to reap success

My Deer Friend Nokotan continues to reap success

The opening sequence of the anime "Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan (My Deer Friend Nokotan)" has reached an impressive 10 million views on YouTube. This opening has become the most popular of the summer, generating a great stir on the Internet. Comments such as "An anime song with a nostalgic feel of the Heisei era", "It catches you and you become addicted as the lyrics say", and "A divine and addictive introduction that raises the bar with a perfect chorus" have flooded social networks.

The opening theme, "Shikairo Days", is performed by the characters of the series: Noko Shikanoko (CV. Megumi Han), Torako Koshi (CV. Saki Fujita), Anko Koshi (CV. Rui Tanabe) and Meme Bashame (CV. Fuka Izumi). On TikTok, a viral video of Kosshi Koshi (Koshitan) dancing to the rhythm of the catchy intro has accumulated more than 10 million views and 800 thousand likes, consolidating the song as a new musical trend.

The opening video features the four members of the Deer Club dancing adorably to the repetitive phrase "Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan." The animation, with a nostalgic air of Heisei Era anime, includes chaotic moments with the appearance of real deer, which adds a unique and surreal touch.

The story of "Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan" centers on Torako Koshi, a high school student at Hino Minami Metropolitan School. One day, on his way to school, he feels something cold on his face and when he looks up, he discovers a girl with antlers stuck in the electrical wires, dripping mucus. By helping this strange girl, Noko Shikanoko, a horned girl who looks like a deer, Torako Koshi's orderly and seemingly perfect life falls apart, starting a chaotic and funny story of encounter between an ex-delinquent girl and a mysterious deer girl.

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