Netflix contracts Japanese facilities for Yuu Live-Action Yuu Hakusho

Netflix contracts Japanese facilities for Yuu Live-Action Yuu Hakusho

The Japanese Producer Toho announced that Netflix has signed a contract of several years for the use of at least two of its facilities from next April 1. The first production of the platform will be the animated adaptation of the written sleeve and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, Yuu Yuu Hakusho (Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost files).

Netflix contracts Japanese facilities for Yuu Live-Action Yuu Hakusho

Netflix will use two the ten studies of the producer, specifically the seventh and the tenth, as well as two acting centers and a production center, for their own original projects. On the other hand, the Live-Action project of Yuu Yukusho has its premiere programmed globally soon.

The Director of Acquisition of Contents of Netflix, Kazutaka Sakamoto, is the executive producer, and Akira Morii (Wild 7, Brave Heart Umizaru) takes care of production in robot. Sakamoto pointed out that he grew up with the original manga, and still vividly remembers the excitement and impact of him. He added that he now has fanatics throughout Asia and the rest of the world. Finally, he said Netflix is ​​putting together a team with the best talents of Japan and abroad.

For its part, Togashi published the original manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump of the Shueisha publisher between December 1990 and July 1994, compiling the story in a total of 19 volumes. The work inspired an adaptation to the anime of 112 episodes produced by Pierrot studies, under the direction of Noriyuki Abe and scripts written by Yukiyoshi Oohashi, issued between October 1992 and December 1994.

Synopsis of Yu Yu Hakusho

A fateful day, Yuusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent with a dark future, has a miraculous opportunity to change things when it is launched in front of a moving car to save a child. The last sacrifice of Him is so out of place that the authorities of the Spiritual Kingdom are not yet prepared to let it go through the other world. Koenma, heir of the throne of the Spiritual Kingdom, offers Yuusuke the opportunity to recover his life by completing a series of tasks. With the death guide of death, it must be frustrated to the malignant presences on earth as a kind of spiritual detective . To help him in the adventure of him, Yuusuke recruits the ex-rival of him Kazuma Kuwabara and two demons, Hiei and Kurama, who have a criminal past. Together they train and fight against enemies that would threaten the very existence of humanity.

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