Netflix rated Sword Art Online as a 'Harem' and woke up the debate

Netflix rated Sword Art Online as a 'Harem' and woke up the debate

In different comment forums in Japan, the news circulated that the Netflix platform has updated the Anime Series Organization in its catalog. The one who highlighted was the category corresponding to the genre "Harem", where he could observe the Sword Art online franchise, which aroused a debate.

Netflix rated Sword Art Online as a 'Harem' and woke up the debate

Other series included in the catalog according to the platform include Tarau Majutsu No Index (A Certain Magical Index), Mahouka Koukou No rettousei (The irregular at Magic High School), Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku WO! (Konosuba!), Gotoubun No Hanayome (The Quintessential Quintuplets), Arifury SHOKUGYOU OF SEKAI SAIKYOU (ARIFURETA: from commonplace to world's strongest), Bakemonogatari and Nisekoi, for mentioning some.

According to some comments, Sword Art Online can not be a Harem: "First of all, we define a" Harem "like that in which a person has numerous loving interests, with mutual feelings between the central person and each member of the members of the harem; The feelings must be reciprocal. Then, with this definition, we try how each of the so-called "members of the Harem" is not, in fact, a member of the Harem. "

The argument continues:

  • [1] Silica admires Kirito more as an older brother, only some interpreted him as silica, romantically wanting Kirito.
  • [2] Sinon sees Kirito as a rival and as a comrade. In fact, Kawahara himself admitted this in the characters' books: "Kawahara: Well, she sees it as a partner of arms, or a comrade I think that is what she thinks of him."
  • [3] Alice feels partly responsible for the vegetative state of Kirito. Due to her personality, she believes that she should be the one who should take care of Kirito. In addition, she is proud of her care by Kirito during the six months in Wou. That is the reason why she became aggressive with asshole when she arrived, not because she loved Kirito or whatever.
  • [4] Although Leafa initially loved Kirito, that does not indicate in any way that Kirito loved her in the same way. Therefore, this is a unilateral relationship and does not meet the requirements of the "Harem". In addition, it is indicated that she no longer loves Kirito in this way, returning it to a ratio of zero sides. "
  • [5] Similarly as it was read initially, Lisbeth also loves Kirito, but only in a unilateral relationship. In short, she does not meet the "Harem" requirement. Lisbeth is the only one left in the series that still houses those feelings towards Kirito ».
Netflix rated Sword Art Online as a 'Harem' and woke up the debate

"To finish, we remember that beautiful Reki Kawahara quote about Kirito and Asuna's relationship:" Sword Art Online remains a story of Kirito and Asuna, and will not change in the future. The words of Asuna "Even a thousand years are not long, if I'm with you" symbolize everything "," the argument ended.

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