Otakus and the Worst Anime They've Seen Recently

Otakus and the Worst Anime They've Seen Recently

Recently, members of a popular forum on Reddit have been engaged in a heated debate about the worst anime they've seen lately. The conversation has generated a plethora of responses, evidencing the passion and diversity of opinions within the anime fan community.

Otakus and the Worst Anime They've Seen Recently

An anime can leave a bad impression for a variety of reasons. One of the main factors is the quality of the animation. A low-quality production, with poor animations and little detail, can distract and frustrate viewers, preventing them from enjoying the story. In addition, character development is crucial; Shallow, poorly written, or inconsistent characters can alienate the audience.

The script and plot are other fundamental aspects. Stories with plot holes, confusing narratives, or unsatisfying endings can leave viewers feeling disappointed. Directing and editing also play an important role; Poor direction can result in an incoherent narrative, while poor editing can ruin the anime's pacing, making it feel sluggish or rushed.

Finally, originality and creativity are elements that viewers value. Anime that feel repetitive, lack innovation, or simply look like copies of other hits can quickly be dismissed by the audience.

  • "Isekai Cheat Magician, I should have listened to the criticism."
  • "The Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases, I honestly can't believe anyone mentioned it. I've watched all kinds of isekai and fantasy anime, but this was too much. After an episode and a half, I decided to close the window and look into nothingness. The animation was crap, the flat dialogue and the CGI battles were the shitty finale to this series."
  • "I wouldn't say it's the worst, but I was disappointed with Ninja Kamui when they started introducing the mech suits. When you put on a show after a crazy premiere with excellent hand-to-hand combat, it's obvious that audiences will have very high expectations. But unfortunately, the rest of the series didn't live up to the hype."
  • "I don't really watch bad anime until the end, but I've tried Vampire Dormitory and found it to be TOO crappy. The cringe levels and the nonsensical plot just out of the ordinary, insane. The last time I tried to watch something this bad was that Isekai Cheat Skill show."
  • "Unnamed Memory, I absolutely love novels and manga, and this adaptation is a parody, it skips a lot of things."
  • "This season's Gods Games We Play... I was bored with her first impression that I abandoned her after the first episode. Even Liar Liar from a few seasons ago kept me mildly entertained for about 6 eps with its own shit. Both still make me want to watch Kaiji for a better 'high-stakes mind game' experience."
  • "Re:Monster, the protagonist first says he won't allow rape. A few episodes later he does it himself."
  • "Re:Monster, but it's hard to call it 'anime' with how little real animation it has, and claiming it has a plot or characters would do a disservice to the actual writing."
  • "My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World. I love crappy isekai, but this one was boring, with the most boring main character I've ever seen. The only good thing was the slimes."
  • "I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World".
  • "Even though I finished Ex-Arm and it was the worst series in terms of quality that I've seen in the last few years, I'm going to say Cold Steel Northern War because it hurt me on a personal level. It had a lot of potential as it was going to cover an event that happened in the background between Cold Steel 2 and 3, but they screwed it up at every possible opportunity, it was rubbish from start to finish."
  • "Ninja Kamui, the beginning was fire was hell (great action, animation, storytelling) the middle and ending was bullshit (the story became sluggish and a big drop in animation quality)."
  • "Metallic Rogue. I really wanted to like it, but the story didn't make sense. And none of the characters particularly mattered to me."
  • "Metallic Rouge. The closest I've ever come to understanding what schizophrenia feels like."
  • "I'm done with Shield Hero after season three, I didn't even dare finish it."
  • "Fluffy Paradise. A show that billed itself as the healthiest show that focused on petting adorable animals. And it kind of became characters who created monster camps where the monster population would be sacrificed every time they got too big."
  • "Currently watching Banished Hero. The animation department didn't even bother to work."
  • "A girl and her guard dog. Romanticizing grooming a teenage girl. It's not cute."
  • "Hametsu no Oukoku (The Kingdoms of Ruin). The story was written by a nervous 14-year-old seems... So horrible and poorly executed."
  • "Tale of Wedding Rings really sucked, and I can say that without reservation because not even a dominant mother cat could save the show!"
  • "Glasslip".
  • "Personally, I only have a few anime that I regret completing, like Itazura no Kiss because I dislike almost all the characters and the writing doesn't make sense. It's like a good-girl plus bad-boy romantic comedy, but taken to the extreme and not in a good way."
  • "As someone who watches a lot of anime crap (even some mentioned here that I kinda enjoyed), The Banished Former Hero Lives As He Pleases is just egregiously bad. It's like everyone involved in this anime doesn't care, I mean, one of the characters is missing his legs in a scene walking for God's sake. The truth is, I don't like to stop watching anime often, but there's a reason why it has 3 stars on Crunchyroll. At least the ending is good."

Source: Reddit