Reactions to the recent recognition of LiSA

Reactions to the recent recognition of LiSA

After the news broke that LiSA's 17th single and theme song from the movie Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen, "Homura," was recognized as "Song of the Year" in the 62nd edition of the "Japan Record Awards", various members of the anime industry rushed to express their congratulations, highlighting Natsuki Hanae and Akari Kitou, the voices of Tanjirou Kamado and Nezuko Kamado.

The official Twitter account of the animated Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise wrote: "Congratulations to LiSA!"

Natsuki Hanae, the voice of Tanjirou Kamado, wrote, "Congratulations!"

Akari Kitou, the voice of Nezuko Kamado, wrote: "LiSA… congratulations!"

Singer Eir Aoi wrote, “Congratulations LiSA! Truly! Many, many congratulations! I was very happy to see your presentation, it was impressive!

Composer Yuki Kajiura wrote, “First of all, I am very happy that LiSA performed her performance with such care and was evaluated by so many people, because I was able to compose that song thanks to her strong feelings. I am honored to have composed for her, congratulations to LiSA!

Singer May’n wrote: “I cried, in fact, I still cry. Ten years have passed since we met. She has always cheered me on as just another fan, and vice versa, and that recognition only makes me wish even more that we have a collaboration in the future. Congratulations!".

The ASCA singer wrote: “Many, many, many congratulations to LiSA! 。 ゚ (゚ இ‸இ ゚) ゚。 ”.

Recently, LiSA's single “Homura” achieved its 11th consecutive week at the top of the Japanese website Oricon's “Digital Singles Ranking”, breaking the ten-week record set by Kenshi Yonezu's single “Lemon” in 2018, totaling 31,363. downloads in the period from December 21 to 27 for a cumulative 770,556 downloads.

On the physical sales side, the single accumulated 56,149 physical copies sold, also in the period from December 21 to 27 of this year, obtaining the fifth position in the Oricon “Physical Sales Ranking” of Oricon, adding 1,004,879 copies. sold since launch. It is the first single this year to exceed one million copies sold, and the second by LiSA to surpass this mark, after "Gurenge."