Rebuild of Evangelion would be a 'love letter' by Hideaki Anno to his wife

Rebuild of Evangelion would be a 'love letter' by Hideaki Anno to his wife

The Japanese Portal Yahoo! News Japan published an article entitled "As Rebuild of Evangelion confronted the" otaku curse "according to Hideaki Anno," where an analysis of the production process of the Rebuild of Evangelion cinematographic project was written and the intentions of director Hideaki Anno.

Rebuild of Evangelion would be a 'love letter' by Hideaki Anno to his wife

«(Omission) It is important to note that while Hideaki Anno is an artist who has produced many animate projects that have had a tremendous impact on Otaku culture, he is also an artist who has a great sense of crisis for surrendering to his work, or More specifically, by escaping reality. An example of this can be found in the final words of Anno in the draft of the book "Kantoku Fuyuki Allki (Insufficient Direction)," by his wife, Moyoco Anno, who was published in 2005. This autobiographical manga focuses on marriage life of Moyoco Anno with her husband, director Hideaki Anno. The comedian and moving book follows his "Otaku lifestyle". "

"There, Anno praised his wife's work, saying," The best thing about his sleeve is that she does not use it to escape from reality. She writes the type of sleeve that gives readers the power to want to leave and take action, instead of being reclivered. It is a sleeve that makes you want to live with others. What I was never able to do with Evangelion, my wife did it through her sleeve "»

«Thus, the end of Rebuild of Evangelion's cinematographic project was clearly inspired by the work of Moyoco Anno, a woman with the ability to make people come out of her life in detention and live with reality, as well as solves the problem "How to deal with the anime and reality", something that Evangelion's franchise had not been able to do to date. "

"Anno is definitely expressing his gratitude to his wife, Moyoco Anno, and his work, who helped him complete his own project as" something that makes you live for others. " The fact that some works by Moyoco Anno make cameos in the feature film is an additional test of it. "

"In this regard, his wife's works, Hideaki Anno expressed:" I like the fact that his books show the true image of the Otaku on a reasonable way, not as a fantasy. So, Rebuild of Evangelion is probably a kind of love letter to my wife, who loves me as an adult Otaku "».

"It can be interpreted that Mari is then the representation of Moyo Anno, while the negative image of the feature film are part of Hideaki Anno's own expression. At the same time, the film seems to seek to help the fearful fanatics of society, since it was expressed, "Love put on this work will surely give you the strength to live in reality."

Source: Yahoo! News Japan.

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